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Over the years ListenUp has received numerous accolades from both local and national publications, as well as other organizations, and we are truly thankful for this recognition. Let’s take a look at a few…

Mark of Excellence


2018 Mark of Excellence Award

Congratulations to our Albuquerque team on winning the 2018 Mark of Excellence award from Consumer Technology Association (CTA) for “Multi-room Audio/Video Project of the Year.”

This Roswell, NM property includes a 10,000-square-foot main house and a separate two-story building with a six-car garage. Our customers wanted to be able to access A/V sources in the main building from both floors of the garage, so the buildings are connected by 10-GB fiber optic cabling.

This Crestron Certified Project has distributed audio/video, front-gate access, garage doors, lighting and shade control, security cameras and more. See more photos and full project details here.




Retail Excellence Award from Dealerscope magazine 

From Dealerscope, August 24, 2016:

ListenUp: Strength in Diversity

“In the ‘About Us’ section of Denver, Colo.-based ListenUp’s Web site, the store founders’ 1972 employee cards are shown, complete with photos of the energetic faces of founders Walt and Mary Stinson and Steve Weiner. Although time has passed, that energy hasn’t dissipated, having enabled this Denver, Colo.-based retailer to expertly steer through 44 years of industry and economic ups and downs that have left other CE retailers in the dust…”

Read the full article here.



ListenUp wins four major industry awards

In 2014-15, ListenUp won four major awards for the Colorado Mountain Home project:

– TechHome Ultimate Home of the Year over $300K from the Consumer Electronics Association 
– Crestron Integration Award for Ultimate Connected Home Over $750K
– Lutron Excellence Award for Best Engineered System
– CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles® Award for Best Dressed System (the advanced home system with the best organized rack and wiring system).

The definition of “state of the art”

Featuring cutting-edge design, engineering and installation craftsmanship, this mountain home incorporates advanced home automation, security, and networking alongside a sommelier system, an acoustically isolated bowling alley, a geothermal ice and snow-melt system, and an audio/video lounge that’s acoustically optimized and isolated from the rest of the structure. The entire automation system, which includes 15 major home subsystems, can be controlled with the client’s iPad or by a wall-mounted touchpanel located in each room.

“The acoustic treatments and noise-isolation systems are truly state of the art,” says Ben Larkin, ListenUp’s technical services manager. “For example, the entire basement ceiling is a large floating mass that is completely isolated from the floor above, which keeps the sound from the bowling alley isolated from the kitchen. This part of the project was a massive undertaking and required months of detailed coordination between all of the contractors.”

Bennet Residence, Breckenridge, CO

The Lutron lighting and shading system features a rustic Ahwahnee lodge design using modern lighting control and bulb selections. The home network, whose design required several weeks of planning and coordination with Cisco Systems, is an enterprise-level system. Every inch of usable space in the home has reliable signal strength, ensuring solid performance for all mobile devices and laptop computers.

“These technologies are way beyond what anyone has ever seen up here,” says builder Arnie Surdyk of Double Diamond Property & Construction Services. “The whole geothermal ice and snow melt system is an amazing feature in a mountain home, and the home automation capabilities just take everything to a whole new level. It’s truly a showcase.”

“There were a lot of design, engineering, and project management challenges,” says ListenUp’s Ben Larkin. “Not only our guys, but all of the other trades, including Arnie’s crew, acousticians, a wine sommelier, electricians and many more combined to make this project a major success.”

We congratulate Denver store salesman Jeremy Gage, tech services manager Ben Larkin, and the entire installation and engineering crew on all the recognition of their notable achievement.



ListenUp co-founder Walt Stinson inducted into Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame

ListenUp co-founder Walt Stinson inducted into Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame

At its 10th annual Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame awards ceremony held on October 20, 2009 in Phoenix, 13 prominent industry leaders were inducted, including ListenUp’s Walt Stinson. Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CEA, praised the inductees for their contributions to the growth of the industry. “The CE Hall of Fame gives us the opportunity to showcase the people in our industry that offer creative solutions. Their ideas have changed the way consumers live,” he said.

In his acceptance speech Walt talked about his boyhood love of electronics and how he could not have predicted what the future held. He said he was grateful to be included in the Hall of Fame that contains some of his heroes. “Paul Klipsch and Jerry Kalov [2004 inductees] were two of my mentors that spent a great deal of time with me. It is an honor to be in the Hall of Fame with them.”

The road to the hall

The road to the hall

Walt co-founded ListenUp in 1972 along with college friend Steven Weiner. Their purpose was to provide the very best in sound reproduction, and over the years that goal has expanded to include categories such as high-definition video and total control of all a home’s electronics. Walt’s radio and electronics background launched the company into high gear when he began engineering live radio broadcasts from a legendary Denver nightclub (Ebbets Field) in return for free advertising. ListenUp also designed the sound system and recording set-up for the Rainbow Music Hall, and between the two venues Walt and company recorded hundreds of shows with such musical legends as Muddy Waters, Miles Davis, and Bob Dylan.

In 1979, Walt helped form the Professional Audio-Video Retailers Association (PARA). He served as the group’s first vice-president and then as president from 1980-'83. He was PARA’s chairman from 1983-85 and general advisor to the board from 1996-2002, and in 1999 he received the inaugural PARA Founders Award. Five years later Walt co-founded Assured Systems, a dealer-owned distribution and marketing company. Assured merged with AudioVideo Independent Dealers (AVID) in 2002 to create Home Entertainment Source (HES), a division of the $4 billion AVB/Brand Source buying group.

Walt earned his MBA from the University of Colorado, and since 2004 he has served at various times as vice-president and secretary/treasurer of the Progressive Retailers Organization (PRO Group).

Kudos from AudioVideo International…

Kudos from AudioVideo International…

In the 1990s and 2000s ListenUp was consistently lauded by AudioVideo International magazine. The company was named one of the “Top-10 Retailers of the Year” almost every year, and also won “Best Custom Installer” on numerous occasions.

Top of the Rocky

Top of the Rocky

Throughout the 2000s, ListenUp consistently received the “Top of the Rocky” award. Here’s an excerpt from one of our write-ups:

“How long has Walt Stinson been on the leading edge of consumer electronics? The ListenUp president once told us about the day in 1983 when he was stopped by airport customs agents because of contraband in his luggage. . .compact discs. Stinson and his company were ahead then and remain ahead, offering great solutions for sound systems and home theaters of all stripes. They do big jobs too: the scoreboard and sound system at CU’s Folsom Field, for example. And they’re still in the neighborhood, too, in West Washington Park.”

Rocky Mountain News, October 2003

Colorado Business in the Arts Awards

Colorado Business in the Arts Awards

In recognition of its contribution to the arts in Colorado, ListenUp received the 1999 Colorado Business in the Arts Award. In 2000, ListenUp received an Honorable Mention in the Medium Business Category for its contribution to the arts in Colorado from the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts.