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  1. A time for every purpose -- A Note from ListenUp

    A time for every purpose -- A Note from ListenUp
    ListenUp friends and family, We’re thinking about how we can help. Not simply sanitation protocols and safe distances--we’ve got that covered. more >>
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  2. Because Music Matters

    Because Music Matters

    It all started with a broken processor. Gary called ListenUp to see about replacing the damaged unit, and spoke to senior sales consultant Scott Genaw. “I had a system that I’d cobbled together while working with an independent installer,” says Gary. “I was getting stuff from the Internet and from here and there. While it cost less to do that, without having it properly set up, it didn’t sound that great.”

    “Gary needed to replace the processor and also wanted to make his system sound better in general,” Scott says. “He was concerned about bass response, so we discussed a couple of subs, and then I told him, ‘Let me come by and see what you’ve got.’ When I got to his house, his system seemed to have plenty of bass, so I suggested some other solutions.”

    “Scott tweaked my speaker setup and everything sounded so much better,” says Gary. “That’s when I realized that who you buy the products from really matters, because the service and the set up are almost as important as

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  3. VPI celebrates 40 years of analog magic

    VPI celebrates 40 years of analog magic

    Mat Weisfeld, son of company founders Harry and Sheila Weisfeld, grew up at VPI. While he didn’t originally plan on following this path, it became the love he didn’t realize he had (next to his wife Jane). Mat has taken the strong foundation and VPI tradition created by his parents and has continued to grow and improve the company with new technology, lean manufacturing and more.

    ListenUp: What are the benefits of a direct-drive turntable?

    WEISFELD: Because the direct-drive is dead accurate on the speed, you get that natural reproduction of the recording. In our case, it’s dead quiet because of how we engineered it. It’s as musical as can be, it’s dead quiet, it sounds natural, and when you hear it, you’re just like, “Wow, it’s like I’m listening to a master tape over here.”

    ListenUp: What can you tell us about your 40th anniversary special edition HW-40 turntable?

    WEISFELD: With our

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  4. ListenUp interviews Anders Ertzeid, Hegel VP Sales & Marketing

    ListenUp interviews Anders Ertzeid, Hegel VP Sales & Marketing

    ListenUp: Tell me a little about the history and mission of Hegel.  ERTZEID: The mission of Hegel is simple: Using new or proprietary technology to provide ultra high end sound and user- friendly features for a lower price than anyone else. The whole history is based around this, actually. At first, our humble beginnings may sound like the typical audio company. Our founder, Bent Holter, played guitar in a rock band called Hegel Band (playing Thin Lizzie cover songs, and still doing it today) while studying for a Master’s degree in micro electronics at the Technical University in Norway.

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  5. A Variety of Headphones for Your Exact Needs

    [caption id="attachment_1818" align="alignleft" width="69" caption="Free Earbuds"][/caption] Hi my name is Clint, and I 'm a systems integrator here in Colorado Springs. Today I’m going to talk to you about headphones. What I have around my neck is a pair of what we call disposable headphones --  the kind that come with your iPod/MP3 player. They are disposable because they come free with your apparatus. We are going to go over the three different types of headphones we have at ListenUp, those being earbuds, on-ear and noise isolation. The in-ear or earbuds headphones are different from the disposable types because they have buds that they have different materials that will actually form-fit to your ear.

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