CoBank-exterior-1 Several years ago, ListenUp embarked on one of the bigger corporate jobs we’ve ever done. We created a communications/presentation system at CoBank, a national cooperative bank serving vital industries across rural America. We designed and installed a Crestron-controlled system that includes audio/video, voice and video conferencing, scheduling software and more. The setup includes installations in CoBank’s brand-new Greenwood Village headquarters, as well as remote locations in Atlanta, Omaha, St. Louis and Spokane. In all, we installed technology in over 127 different rooms. This included a two-person meeting space, a 40+ seat boardroom, a cafeteria, a training center, and a 100+ person divisible meeting space. We utilized Crestron for the control system and Crestron Fusion to be able to monitor the status of all these rooms and manage them from a central location. The advanced audio conferencing system is from ClearOne. The multitude of Planar video monitors are all commercial-grade models designed for heavy-duty use. 

A hassle-free system that gets used

CoBank-boardroom-borderThe people at CoBank wanted something that was robust, but easy to use, says Ben Larkin, ListenUp’s vice president and general manager. Our goal was to provide them with a stress-free system that would enhance communications and presentations for the whole company. Shawn Dombowsky, CoBank's vice president of IT architecture and operations, enthusiastically affirms that we met that goal. Prior to this new building and the new technology, our video conferencing capabilities were very limited. We had just two units in the Denver office and very few within our banking centers. As a result of the design that ListenUp did here, we were able to extend that into our banking centers and start increasing the footprint of video conferencing with our offices around the country. That has had the impact of really bringing us up to where we should be from an integration perspective across the organization. It increased our collaboration with those offices and significantly reduced travel. READ MORE