Sonos Releases New App & Product Lineup

Sonos Releases Sonos S2

On Monday, June 8th, Sonos released Sonos S2, a new app and operating system that powers the next generation of Sonos products and experiences. In addition to new features, usability updates, and more personalization, Sonos S2 enables higher resolution audio technologies for music and home theater.

Most Sonos products will be compatible with S2 with the exception of some of the oldest Sonos products, often refered to as "legacy" products. If all of your products are compatible, you will be able to download the app and get started.

For a full list of what products are compatible for S2 along with an overview of the app, please check out the Sonos Support page linked here.


New Lineup from Sonos

As of Wednesday, June 10th, Sonos has introduced a new line of legacy products including Arc, Five, and Sub.

Arc is the premium smart soundbar for TV, movies, music, gaming, and more. Featuring eleven high-performance drivers for crisp highs, dynamic midranges, and surprising bass, Arc's slim profile can be discreetly mounted or placed on furniture. Arc was carefully tuned with the help of Oscar-winning sound engineers to emphasize the human voice so you never miss a word. Arc is compatible with the Sonos app or Apple AirPlay 2 when your TV is off.

Five is the high-fidelity speaker for superior sound helping you experience vividly clear, room-filling sound for music streaming, vinyl, and more. The updated design features new details and monochromatic finish giving Sonos Five a new look. Enjoy thousands of stations, including live radio and exclusive programming, on your system through the Sonos app. Connect your turntable, CD player, projector, or other device directly to Five using the 3.5mm jack.

Sub is the wireless subwoofer for deep bass. The Gen 3 Sub takes over the lowest frequencies, enhancing the midrange playback from paired speakers so you experience fuller, more detailed sound. The award-winning and versatile design features a sculptural shape and high-gloss finish. Stand Sub upright or lay it on its side.

All three new models from Sonos are available in both black and white.


Curious about our Trade Up Program?

Turn in eligible Sonos products to receive a discount toward an upgraded listening experience with the latest features. Eligible products include Connect and Connect:Amp along with Play5 - Gen 1.

Since the first Sonos products were released more than ten years ago, the Sonos experience has been enhanced through new products with vastly improved performance and reliability. While these older products are still supported, we'd love to give you the best listening experience we can. Trading-up to new Sonos products will help you modernize your Sonos sound experience.

How to participate:

  1. Reach out to your ListenUp showroom and schedule a Trade Up visit at your convenience.
  2. Pick out one new Sonos product for each eligible product you turn in and recieve a 30% discount through ListenUp.
  3. Sit back and enjoy your upgraded system!