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  1. Home Theater For The Holidays

    Home Theater For The Holidays

    It’s a Wonderful Life. Miracle on 34th Street. A Charlie Brown Christmas. Elf. How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The list of classic holiday movies and shows goes on and on, and with many of Hollywood’s latest blockbusters available for streaming at home at the same time they’re released in theaters, it’s the ultimate season to hunker down with the family for some quality time.

    Speaking of quality, it’s a fact that you’ll enjoy all your favorite movies, TV shows, sports and music even more when you upgrade your home theater system. Here are some easy and cost-effective ways to do that…

    1. Get a bigger, better TV

    No one ever says, “Gosh, I wish I’d bought a smaller TV.” The bigger the screen, the closer you can get to that movie theater experience at home. And with today’s 4K and 8K models, you can sit even closer to the screen without no

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  2. Crisp New Component Ideas for the Season

    Crisp New Component Ideas for the Season


    “One new feature or fresh take can change everything”- Neil Young

    Neil Young said it best, adding a new component to your hi-fi system can revitalize the whole listening experience. Here’s a few suggestions for top-shelf components that will make a difference in overall sound. 

    The Right Receiver for Your Home Theater

    marantz 7300 receiverFind a receiver that is going to properly drive the amplification of your speakers. Of course you’ll always consider impedance, frequency range and total harmonic distortion. Choosing the right receiver can recreate every subtle detail of recorded music movies. 

    The Marantz SR7013 A/V receiver, for example, employs precision audio engineering to bring you a powerful

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