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  1. Sony’s Latest OLED TVs Are Brighter and Better Than Ever

    Sony’s Latest OLED TVs Are Brighter and Better Than Ever
    OLED makes it possible to create even thinner TV sets than LCD, while at the same time making them more eco-friendly and efficient. Learn how Sony's new line of OLED TVs offer more brightness and contrast than ever before.
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  2. TV buying. Five things to remember.

    Five things to remember

    Whether as a gift or for yourself, the holidays are the best time of the year to purchase a television as a gift during the holiday season is guaranteed to put a giant smile on the face of your friend or loved one. Between sports lovers, film buffs, and those who enjoy a weekend of binging their favorite streaming series, just about anyone would be thrilled to unwrap a new television. When you are planning to purchase a TV as a gift, there are a handful of factors you should learn about and consider. While the list may be a bit more complicated than your typical holiday gift guide, it is most definitely worth it. Here is a short list of the main factors you should consider when shopping for that new big screen...

    1. Screen Size: One of the most common items on any TV buying guide, screen size depends mostly on preference and the planned use of the television. If the recipient of your gift is going to mount the TV on thei
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