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Control 4

Control4 Lighting

Smart lighting provides a world of bright new possibilities.

  • Using a customized keypad, an “All Off” button can shut off all lights, and even lock the doors and set the alarm.
  • Save energy — and money — with Control4, by setting your lights to 80 percent during the day. The additional 20 percent will help you be a little more green, and save a little more green as well.
  • Timers and motion sensors can turn lights on and off automatically all year long, even adjusting to the season.

Watch With Control4

Take your viewing experience to an extraordinary level.

  • Replace all of those remotes with one that controls it all, even the home.
  • All of your devices set themselves to the correct input, automatically.
  • One button press can dim the lights, set the temperature and start the movie.

Listen With Control4

Listen to what you want, when you want, no matter where you are in the home.

  • Everybody can enjoy their own music in their own space.
  • Stream internet radio or enjoy your own custom playlist from almost any source.
  • One press of a button can activate your personalized “scene” – cueing up your favorite artist and raising the shades.

Security With Control4

A smart home can monitor itself, leaving you with peace of mind – whether you’re there or away.

  • Smart locks with personalized codes can keep you informed about who has entered your home.
  • Give your alarm system added security with flashing interior and exterior lights when it’s triggered.
  • Make your home “mockupied” when it’s not occupied with alternating lights and TV sets.

Climate With Control4

Your home can respond intelligently to changing weather conditions.

  • Use your smartphone to turn up the temperature on your smart thermostat and arrive to a warm welcome home.
  • Cue the shades to lower from the comfort of your couch.
  • Your smart system can set the temperature automatically based on timing of sunrise and sunset.

Communication With Control4

It’s your home, feel free to tell it what to do. However, it might talk back.

  • You can communicate room-to-room or with visitors at the front door with the touchscreens featuring audio and video capability.
  • Displays can be sent to televisions in the home or alerts over the speakers telling family members “Time for dinner!”
  • Receive notifications if a sensor detects a leak in the basement or when the children make it home safely from school.

4Sight with Anywhere Access

Your smartphone or tablet is the “universal remote” to your home, even on the go.

  • Adjust the thermostat on your way home.
  • Arm your alarm systems from the airport.
  • Change lights in the house to look like it’s occupied.