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Hegel Mohican CD Player (Black)

The Hegel Mohican CD player incorporates the very latest in digital processing — adapted for CD-only.

Hegel Mohican CD Player (Black)

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Mohican CD Player: Get the most out of your CDs

  • Dedicated CD Player
  • Sanyo CD Drive
  • SoundEngine
  • CD player specifically optimized to get the most out of standard CDs
  • Hegel’s advanced Master Clock implementation produces very stable clock frequency and lowest possible jitter
  • New SynchroDAC technology results in higher resolution and less distortion
  • DAC resolution: 16 bit/44.1 kHz
  • Analog outputs: 1 fixed line level (RCA), 1 fixed line level (Balanced XLR)
  • Digital outputs: 1 BNC, true 75 Ohm
  • Frequency response: 0 Hz - 50 kHz
  • Distortion: Typical 0.0015%
“A wonderful player of Compact Discs that should be seriously considered by anyone with a large library of them who’s in the market for a dedicated player. The Mohican is compact, a joy to operate, and sounded terrific with all kinds of music. It rocked hard, threw a big soundstage, sang sweetly, and had pace, rhythm, and timing to beat the band… If there’s a better dedicated CD player in its price range, I haven’t found it.” — Garrett Hongo, SoundStage! Hi-Fi

Even in today’s increasingly streaming-oriented world, many audio enthusiasts still prefer playing a physical disc. There are still plenty of CD players being manufactured, but nowadays most of them are trying to be "everything”: play SACD, have digital inputs, support DSD and perhaps even have an app and a headphone jack. The problem is that these functionalities not only drive up the cost, but actually reduce the sound quality when playing CD. That’s why Hegel created the Mohican for people who just want the best from their CDs.

The Mohican incorporates the very latest in digital processing — adapted for CD-only. The results are astonishing. Several years ago, when high resolution streaming was in its infancy (but rising), a team from Hegel had a revelation. Listening to a CD-rig, they realized that there was a lot left in CD. So they decided to go all out and make that final, phenomenal player. The name was the first thing decided. It had to be called the Mohican, as in the novel "The Last of the Mohicans."

The Mohican is a true CD player, using original CD drive mechanisms from Sanyo, updated with Hegel-designed servo boards. It has the newest and best DAC chips, working in native 16 bit/44.1 kHz resolution. It has Hegel’s best clock mechanism ever. We use our patented SoundEngine to control the clock, forcing jitter down to levels we have never reached before. Perhaps the lowest in the world. But let us not bury ourselves in the technical details. What does it do for you? It plays magically natural. It sings... fluid and with great temperament, where needed. Compared to any other digital device we have heard, it simply plays without "edges" in the sound. Almost analog. Do you dare to listen?

Master Clock
In a CD player one of the most important parts is the master clock signal. The master clock controls the rhythm of the CD player by telling the DAC chip exactly when to convert the audio signal from digital to analog. To have the best possible sound, it is vital to have a master clock that has a very stable clock frequency and lowest possible jitter (timing errors in clock generator circuits).

Most CD players use a master clock located at the CD servo-decoder board in the CD player. Because the servo-decoder board has got a lot of high- and low-frequency noise from the CD servos and the digital CD decoder circuits, this is not a good solution. All Hegel CD players, on the other hand, use a high precision Master Clock generator located on the DAC board. This high precision Master Clock is distributed directly to the DAC chip and directly to the CD servo-decoder board.

Organic Sound
Hegel creates music systems that utilize the very latest technology from all related fields, like integrated circuitry, broadcasting technology and telecommunication. More than 10 years of research and development have made it possible to reproduce music in a more natural way than ever before. The organic sound of Hegel means that all parts of a dynamic recording are reproduced exactly like the original. The quality of the sound coming out of your speakers is only limited by what happened in the recording studio. Nothing added, nothing taken out — no artificial ingredients. Music enjoyed on a Hegel system is the closest you can get to the live studio session.

Our goal is give music lovers the most natural and engaging listening experience possible. Real life sound from acoustic instruments and voices from known artists were our preferred reference point while developing Hegel, because nothing else would do.

The unique and patented Hegel SoundEngine local error cancelling system prevents distortion in the audio amplifier circuit stages, preserving the original details and the dynamic range in the original music signal. The end result is a much cleaner music signal with a larger dynamic range and lower distortion. SoundEngine combines the advantage of class AB-amplifier and the advantage of class A-amplifiers, without the drawbacks of class A and class AB-amplifier technologies. SoundEngine cancels crossover distortion found in all types of class-AB amplifiers.

Almost all HiFi CD Players today employ asynchronous upsampling to convert digital audio data to analog audio. Hegel found that using this kind of asynchronous converter technology actually converts jitter error into amplitude error, giving less than optimal sound quality. Hegel uses a new digital-to-analog conversion technology called synchronized upsampling. This new technology results in higher resolution and less distortion, for dramatically improved sound quality. The SynchroDAC technology is used together with the Direct MasterClock technology to keep jitter error and digital-to-analog conversion errors to a minimum.

  • DAC resolution: 16 bit/44.1 kHz
  • Line output: 2.6 V RMS
  • Analog outputs: 1 fixed line level (RCA), 1 fixed line level (Balanced XLR)
  • Digital outputs: 1 BNC, true 75 ohm
  • Frequency response: 0 Hz - 50 kHz
  • Noise Floor: -145 dB
  • Distortion: Typical 0.0015%
  • Output impedance: 22 ohms unbalanced and 44 ohms balanced
  • Dimensions: 8 cm (10 cm w/feet) x 43 cm x 29 cm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 6.5 kg (net), 9 kg (shipping)
  • Dimensions US: 3.14" (3.93" w/feet) x 16.93" x 11.42" (HxBxD)
  • Weight US: 14.3 lbs (net), 20 lbs (shipping)
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