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Demo Rooms

Visit Our Boulder Home Entertainment Showrooms

We have cozy showrooms in our Boulder store where you can “test-drive” new equipment, and our career salespeople will help you choose the models that match your needs and budget. As experts in system control and installation, we will also make sure everything is beautifully integrated into your home and easy to use for the whole family. Visit our Boulder location today to get ideas for your dream home entertainment room!


Room A: High-end System 1

Our High-end Room has been acoustically optimized to provide the best environment for comparing components. In here you’ll find multiple state-of-the-art systems. The first one features legendary speakers from Sonus faber, MOON electronics and a REL subwoofer. There’s also a Bluesound Node so the system can stream online and hard-drive-based content.


Room A: High-end System 2

Our next system in the high-end room boasts Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Series speakers, a VPI turntable, electronics from McIntosh, and dual REL subwoofers. Vinyl is making a resurgence (it never went out of style with us!) so we frequently rotate a number of high-performance turntables from VPI, Pro-Ject and Technics in the high-end room.


Room A: High-end System 3

This system lets you switch between JBL and Sonus faber speakers, along with McIntosh electronics and a Pro-Ject turntable. Bluesound provides audiophile-quality streaming audio capability. We regularly change out the gear in the High-end Room, so be sure to stop in and see what’s new!


Room A: High-end System 4

There's a lot to hear here. The magnificent Magnaplanar speakers seem to sonically disappear despite their massive size. There are also floorstanding models from Bowers & Wilkins and Focal, our two most popular speaker brands, plus high-performance components from MOON, a VPI turntable and Bluesound Node for hi-res music streaming.


Room B: Built-in Speakers / Conference Room

Room B is where you can hear many of our in-ceiling, in-wall and outdoor speakers, including models from Bowers & Wilkins, Focal, Revel and more. It's also where we can sit down and discuss your next purchase, whether you just need one new components or you're interested in a complete whole-house system.


Room C: Stereo

All the equipment in the Stereo room offers great value. There’s a nice selection of speakers from Bowers & Wilkins, Focal, GoldenEar, SVS and more in addition to a broad range of amps, preamps and receivers. Test drive any speaker with any amplifier with the push of a button on the wall! A plush Palliser sofa lets you listen in comfort.


Room D: Home Theater

This system packs maximum wallop in a modest-sized room. A Sony 4K projector and 2.35:1 aspect ratio video screen deliver a big-time theater experience, while the plush theater seating gives you maximum comfort. Custom cabinetry provides an unobtrusive home for the advanced electronics and a perfect foundation for the high-performance yet compact Bowers & Wilkins Diamond series speakers. Control4 makes it all a snap to operate.


Room E: Library Theater

Here in the beautiful Library Theater we have both 2-channel and surround systems for you to check out. Premium electronics provide an impressive level of sonic sophistication, while The Frame from Samsung is a 4K flat-panel TV that transforms into a beautiful work of art when not in TV mode. The books in the built-in bookcases enhance the acoustics of the room, and the components are discretely stored in the custom cabinetry. You’ll definitely want to grab a seat and have a listen.


Hallway: Automation, AV Furniture, Wireless Music

There's a lot going on in this area! Find out about Home Automation solutions from Control4 (see more in next photo), and if you're in the market for AV furniture, check out the possibilities at the interactive kiosk from Salamander Designs. Here's where we also showcase some of our wireless music speakers and systems.


Hallway: Control4

We're a Control4 Certified Showroom, which means you’ll be able to see firsthand how we blend a variety of home technologies and make them work in unison, creating experiences that will make your life more convenient, comfortable, safe, and secure.

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