Bowers & Wilkins Trade-Up Event

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For a limited time get your full trade-in value plus an additional 10% of the purchase added to your trade credit! 

Come demo the 800 Diamond Series at any of our locations and talk to your sales person about your trade.**

Elevate Your Audio Experience:

For a limited time only, we're rolling out a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will leave your ears tingling with delight. Say goodbye to your current loudspeakers, regardless of the brand, and say hello to the future of sound.

Unbelievable Trade-Up Benefits:

When you participate in our Trade-Up initiative, you not only bid farewell to your old speakers but also unlock a treasure trove of benefits:

Receive Generous Credit: 

Trade in your existing loudspeakers, and we'll shower you with generous credits that will make your upgrade smoother than a harmonious symphony.

Soar to the Pinnacle of Sound: 

With your newfound credit, you can choose any model from Bowers & Wilkins' flagship range. Brace yourself for an acoustic adventure that will transport you to the zenith of auditory bliss.


The Bowers & Wilkins Advantage:

Why opt for Bowers & Wilkins, you ask? Well, here's why:

Unparalleled Sound Quality: 

Immerse yourself in a realm of unrivaled audio excellence, where every note, every beat, and every chord is delivered with astonishing clarity and precision.

Cutting-Edge Technology: 

Bowers & Wilkins' 800 Series Diamond range harnesses cutting-edge innovations to ensure that you experience music in its purest, most authentic form.

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare: 

Each loudspeaker is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to not only deliver astonishing sound but also to adorn your living space with elegance and sophistication.

Act Fast, Act Now:

This exclusive Trade-Up initiative won't last forever. The time to elevate your audio experience is now. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to upgrade your sound system and transform your home into a haven of musical delight.

Contact us today to kickstart your audio revolution. Our experts are eagerly waiting to guide you on this incredible journey to sonic nirvana. Hurry, because when it comes to exceptional sound, there's no time to waste!

Rediscover the magic of music with ListenUp's Trade-Up event. Your ears will thank you!

**Some details and restrictions apply, please contact us for more information.

For inquiries, you can also give us a call at 1-877-744-1179.