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In Home Video Service

In Home Video Service

ListenUp’s trained video technicians make house calls! If you need a diagnosis and/or repair on your TV, just call 303-778-1214 to schedule an appointment. Our techs are also certified to professionally calibrate your HDTV, which optimizes the set’s performance to fit the lighting characteristics of your specific room. For more on this essential service, keep reading…


TV Calibration

Why do I need to have my TV calibrated by ListenUp?
Have you ever taken a picture under fluorescent lighting and been surprised how the colors came out?

It’s not how you remembered them — a little more washed out and a greenish tint to everything. Our eyes have a remarkable ability to adjust to the different lighting, but our televisions don’t.

It may come as a surprise that your TV is not set up to perform its best in your home when you unbox it. TVs are set by the factory to look their best in bright showrooms and to outshine the competition. Take that same TV and put it in a dark room in your home and the picture will look nothing like it should.

When you’re watching a movie shot at night or in the rain, do you have a hard time seeing the detail in shadows or a dark part of the picture? Most TVs have this problem, which is due to misadjusted black levels. Set it too high and picture details are lost. Set it too low and the picture looks washed out. But set it just right and it’s like being at the movies.

The good news is that the performance of any TV can be significantly improved by a ListenUp calibration. Utilizing sophisticated test equipment, our technicians access the TV’s service menu to carefully adjust and calibrate each parameter of picture quality.

What kind of television display devices should be calibrated?
All LCD/LED and plasma flat-panel TVs (including the new 4K Ultra HD TV models), video projectors, and even older LCD, D-ILA and DLP rear-projection TVs will benefit from a professional video calibration.

Who should get a ListenUp Video Calibration?
If you own a front projector or high-quality panel display, watch high-resolution programming, have a dedicated viewing room or watch TV in a dark room, you are a good candidate for a calibration.

What exactly do you do in a ListenUp calibration?
Before we calibrate your TV, it is tested for convergence and focus.

*Black Level
Using the PLUGE Test Signal your TV’s black level is set to bring out shadow detail.

*White Level
Using PLUGE or a needle test signal, your TV’s white level is properly adjusted to prevent wash out.

*Color Level and Tint/Hue
Using the color bar signal, your TV’s color level is set.

*Grey-Scale Calibration
Using a special sensor, the color temperature of the TV is calibrated by computer to 6500 degrees Kelvin.
The result is a picture with great detail and accurate, vibrant colors.

To find out more this service, or to schedule a calibration, please call our Service Division at 303-778-1214.