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Our People

Here’s where you can find out a little more about some of our valued associates, who average 17 years in the A/V business and 12 years with ListenUp.

Ben Larkin

Vice President/General Manager

Employee Since 2006

Ben Larkin started with us as a sales consultant in our Denver store and after working his way through the ranks has now joined our executive team as our new Vice President and General Manager, overseeing ListenUp’s retail, technical, and logistic operations. Ben has been involved in the consumer electronics industry since 2000 and became a ListenUp team member in 2006. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Colorado.

“Focusing on outcomes is a passion of mine, and continuously being involved in all of the various aspects of the company’s operations and ongoing business ventures is very rewarding," he says. “If there is one thing that I enjoy the most, it is the interaction I get to have with everyone in the company, ListenUp has great people working in positions all across Colorado and New Mexico.”

Taking up after ListenUp president Walt Stinson, Ben has recently spent time gaining his FCC Technician and General Ham Radio licenses, and spends his free time transmitting his call sign KE0FPX to other Ham Radio operators across the globe.

Randy Baker

Service Division Manager

Employee Since 1989

Randy Baker has definitely worked his way up the A/V food chain. He started off sweeping floors and loading trucks for an audio store in his hometown of De Kalb, Illinois, then moved up to salesman and eventually store manager. When Randy and his wife decided to move to colorful Colorado back in 1989, he interviewed at our Boulder location and ended up working there for nearly 14 years. Once again he moved up the ranks, working in sales, as a project manager and then as assistant manager. Today Randy is the manager of our Field Installation Department, working out of our corporate headquarters in Denver.

He and his wife live in Lafayette. In his spare time Randy enjoys watching motor sports, especially IRL (Indy Racing League) and kart racing.

“I like working for ListenUp because they value my opinions and experience,” says Randy. “Employees actually get a significant say as to how things are run, and that’s not always the case with a lot of organizations.” It’s sure a long way from sweeping floors in DeKalb.

John Boyce

Installation Coordinator

Employee Since 1998

A Hunkpapa Lakota Native American, John Boyce was born in Okinawa, Japan. After returning to the states, his family lived in several cities before settling in Denver in 1977. He’s worked in various capacities in the A/V world since 1989, and has been at ListenUp since 1998. He currently serves as Installation Coordinator in the Service Division.

A home entertainment buff, John says, "I enjoy keeping up with the new A/V technologies and working with people that have the same interests. ListenUp allows me to do that. I'm proud to work for a locally owned company with an established reputation of quality products and people."

John enjoys listening to music, watching movies and spending time with Beverly, his wife of 18 years.

Hank Bellacosa

Service Technician

Employee Since 1994

Our video field service technician Hank Bellacosa has been servicing TVs since 1981, including a seven-year stint at the old Sony service center in Aurora. He has attended advanced training classes sponsored by Sony, JVC, Runco, Fujitsu, Sharp and Mitsubishi. Equipped with the latest tools, including the Sencor Video Generator and the CP5000 Color Analyzer (trust us, they’re very cool tools), Hank will make sure you get all the video performance you paid for.

Steve Meyer

Service Technician

Employee Since 2006

Steve Meyer repaired his first guitar amp at age 15, and built his first tube amp, a 7-watt Eico kit, in 1968. He’s been designing, building and repairing electronic devices of all sorts ever since. Born and raised in Indiana, he studied Electrical Engineering at Purdue University, and moved to Colorado in 1982.

When he was younger, Steve was a roadie for several rock bands. Over time, he’s worked at and managed some A/V stores and service shops, and even owned his own two-store service operation during the VCR boom. But it’s always been about the music, and service of some sort.

“I’ve always loved and been involved with music,” Steve says, “so it gives me enormous satisfaction to be able to help others to enjoy their music (and movies), too. It’s also a green job...I keep a lot of equipment out of the landfills. Plus, being a tech junkie, I like to play with all sorts of interesting toys, and ListenUp certainly has the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to toys. Everyone should enjoy what they do for a living as much as I do.”