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Iriver Ltd. is the global digital A/V product powerhouse with the world-famous iriver brand. Since its founding in 1999, iriver has become renowned for its award-winning product innovation and track record of market leadership. The Company’s ever expanding digital product lines include: Multimedia Devices (MP3. MP4, PMP, Mobile TV), Network Devices (Home Media Center, Wi-Fi Network, Navigation products) and Content Devices (E-Dictionary, E-Book).
iriver’s products have been recognized and honored repeatedly by the world’s leading publications. The roster of prestigious awards includes: BusinessWeek Best Product Award (iF P1000); CES Innovations Award (iF P1000, N10); CNET “Best MP3 Player” (Clix); Edison Award for Innovation; Hong Kong Choice Magazine “best MP3 Player” (U10); Japan Good Design Award (Clix, Mplayer, B20) ; International Design Award (Clix) ; iF Product Design Award 2008_Germany (Clix,Mplayer, NV); and many more.


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