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All Focal 300 Series In-Wall and In-Ceiling Architectural Speakers Products

Immerse yourself in discreet high-end sound with Focal 300 In-Wall and In-Ceiling speakers. The 300 ICLCR5 and IW6 combine precision Flax woofer cones and TNV2 tweeters for unparalleled sound quality, enhancing your home cinema experience with naturalness and depth. With easy installation thanks to the patented EQI system, these speakers seamlessly integrate into any setup, enveloping you in a new dimension of music and film.

Elevate your audio experience with Focal's 300 Series in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers. Crafted for precision and naturalness, these speakers create an enveloping atmosphere, delivering new emotions with every note and scene. Whether it's the immersive sound of the ICW8 and ICW6 or the discreet elegance of the ICW4 and ICA6, the 300 Series offers easy installation and unmatched audio performance, ensuring a seamless integration into your music and home cinema installation.