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All Focal Home Theater Speakers Products

Focal Speakers from an Authorized Online Focal Dealer

Shop all Focal Home Theater Speakers now at ListenUp including Focal Theva Speakers, Focal Vestia Speakers, Focal Aria Evo X Speakers, Focal Kanta Speakers, and Focal Sopra Speakers.

Focal Theva Speakers

Made in France in Focal's workshops, all the speaker drivers in the Theva line are born of Focal’s unique know-how. They incorporate Focal's Slatefiber technology, a cone made from recycled non-woven carbon fibres and thermoplastic polymers from discarded aeronautical and automotive parts. It delivers excellent performance, reproducing a dynamic, rich and balanced sound.

Focal Vestia Speakers

The Vestia loudspeakers are equipped with Slatefiber cone speaker drivers and the ‘M’-shaped inverted dome TAM tweeter – both exclusive Focal innovations. The products feature tilted stands to enable a soundstage that is focused on the listener, for even deeper immersion.

Focal Aria Evo X Speakers

Designed to cater to both music aficionados and home cinema enthusiasts alike, the Aria Evo X speakers offer a versatile all-round experience, with options for in-wall and in-ceiling systems that create a deep, dynamic soundstage, ensuring impressive immersion in any audiovisual setting.

Focal Kanta Speakers

Experience unparalleled audio perfection with the Focal Kanta Speaker Series. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, their stunning design stands as a testament to Focal's commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound reproduction.

Focal Sopra Speakers

Immerse yourself in unparalleled audio excellence with Focal Sopra Speakers. From the harmonic depth of the Sopra N°2 to the captivating clarity of the Sopra N°3, each speaker delivers an immersive auditory journey. Experience rich bass, precise midrange, and detailed highs, all crafted with innovative technologies like Beryllium tweeters and Tuned Mass Dampers. Whether you seek high-end audio in smaller or larger rooms, the Sopra series offers exceptional purity and precision for discerning audiophiles.