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All JL Audio Dominion Subwoofers Products

Discover the unmatched performance of Dominion® powered subwoofers, engineered by JL Audio to provide exceptional audio quality in compact spaces at an affordable price point. With a purpose-engineered, DMA-optimized long excursion driver and advanced Class D amplifier featuring a tightly regulated switching power supply, Dominion® subwoofers deliver powerful bass reproduction for various applications including full home theater systems, media rooms, and desktop audio workstations. Built at their Miramar factory alongside our premium models, Dominion® subwoofers boast unique drivers crafted with the same advanced equipment and processes, ensuring consistent quality and performance.

JL Audio's commitment to innovation is evident in every aspect of their products. With cutting-edge engineering and proprietary electromagnetic and suspension analysis systems, their subwoofer drivers are renowned as reference standards for linear displacement and dynamic stability. Backed by numerous U.S. and International Patents, their technologies continually refine and extend the performance envelope of dynamic drivers, ensuring that Dominion® powered subwoofers deliver an unparalleled audio experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.