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JL Audio Subwoofer

Discover JL Audio Dominion® powered subwoofers, engineered for compact spaces without sacrificing quality. With purpose-built drivers and advanced amplifiers, Dominion® delivers powerful bass reproduction. Crafted alongside premium models, Dominion® ensures consistent quality and performance. Experience the innovation and unmatched audio quality of JL Audio Subwoofers today.

The JL Audio E-Sub™ series boasts advanced JL Audio technologies for exceptional sound quality and power in compact units. Crafted with precision in JL Audio's Miramar factory, each subwoofer undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest standards.

Enter a realm of unparalleled performance with JL Audio Fathom® v2 subwoofers, ideal for larger spaces. Featuring ultra-long throw W7-HT drivers and powerful amplifiers, Fathom® delivers cinematic immersion and musical intricacy. Crafted with precision and backed by patented technologies, Fathom® sets the standard for audio excellence.