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KEF R Series Speakers

The KEF R Series represents a paradigm shift in performance, inheriting technological prowess from the iconic Reference line. With the introduction of Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT™), these speakers redefine excellence, offering unparalleled acoustic clarity and detail. The lineup features seven models, including the R11 Meta, R7 Meta, R5 Meta, R3 Meta, R6 Meta, and R2 Meta, each engineered to deliver exceptional sound reproduction whether in stereo setups for music enthusiasts or in immersive home theater configurations.

Built on decades of acoustic innovation, the R Series incorporates Uni-Q® technology, ensuring uniform sound dispersion throughout any space. These speakers excel in recreating original performances with astonishing detail and emotion. Innovative features like Shadow Flare and constrained layer damping enhance sonic fidelity, while the meticulously crafted bass drivers and flexible ports deliver precise bass reproduction free from distortion. With a range of floorstanding, bookshelf, and center channel options, the R Series offers versatility without compromising on sound quality. Designed to complement any interior aesthetic, these speakers come in sleek finishes including Black Gloss, White Gloss, and classic Walnut, with exclusive Titanium Gloss and Indigo Gloss options for select models like the R7 Meta and R3 Meta, respectively.