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All Klipsch Subwoofer Products

Klipsch Subwoofer - where cutting-edge acoustic technology meets exceptional performance. Experience the Klipsch RP Series Subwoofers, setting a new benchmark with their balanced performance and redesigned Cerametallic woofers, delivering powerful, distortion-free bass for any audio setup. Elevate your sound with confidence, backed by a 5-year warranty.

Discover the Klipsch Reference Premiere series subwoofers, featuring the RP-1000SW, the RP-1200SW the RP-1400SW, and the RP-1600SW. The RP-1400SW boasts a powerful 14" Cerametallic woofer and 1000-watt peak amplifier, seamlessly blending deep bass with crisp clarity for an unmatched listening experience. Meanwhile, the RP-1200SW simply sounds amazing, offering powerful bass from a high-quality unit, complete with redesigned cabinets and internals. With all models, enjoy exceptional sound quality and versatility, making them must-haves for any audiophile seeking immersive audio performance.