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Polk Atrium Speakers: All-Weather Durability Meets High-Fidelity Sound

Bring the concert to your backyard with Polk Atrium outdoor speakers.
Built to withstand the elements, Polk Atrium speakers deliver exceptional sound quality rain or shine.
All-weather Durability: Enjoy year-round entertainment with Polk Atrium speakers.
Their weatherproof design shrugs off rain, snow, UV rays, and extreme temperatures, ensuring lasting performance.
A Size for Every Space: Find the perfect fit for your patio, deck, or backyard with Polk Atrium speakers available in a range of sizes.
Choose from compact models for intimate spaces or larger speakers to fill expansive areas with immersive sound.
High-Fidelity Sound: Don't compromise on sound quality for outdoor durability.
Polk Atrium speakers are engineered to deliver clear, rich audio that fills your outdoor space, perfect for entertaining or relaxing to your favorite music.
Polk Atrium Speakers: Find Your Perfect Match