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Demo Rooms

ListenUp offers lifestyle-oriented demonstration areas where you can comfortably compare products and get expert advice from our career sales consultants. We specialize in system control and installation, so we’ll make sure everything is beautifully integrated into your home and easy to use for the whole family.


Sonos Wireless Solutions

Sonos is the easy-to-use wireless home sound system. Fill your home with rich, crystal clear sound for music, TV, movies, video games, podcasts, audiobooks, radio and more. With Amazon Alexa you use your voice to play and control songs, playlists, radio stations and more. This attractive vignette shows how you can easily add Sonos to your home.


Bose Smart Speakers and Soundbars

The new Bose family of smart speakers and soundbars delivers superior Bose sound, while Alexa puts millions of songs at the tip of your tongue. Create a Bose smart surround system by adding surround speakers and a bass module. Come hear how it all sounds right here...


TV Wall

This elegant, curved TV Wall lets you compare and contrast LCD/LED and OLED 4K Ultra HD televisions from Sony, LG and Samsung. We’ll be happy to explain the benefits of each technology, and if you need help installing your new TV in your home, we have the top installation staff in Southern Colorado.


Two-Channel Vignettes

More of our favorite brands featured hear. On the right, B&W speakers are powered by Edge series electronics from Cambridge Audio. On the back wall there's a pair of legendary Magneplanar electrostatic speakers from Magnepan.


Hi-Fi 1: High-End Two-Channel Systems

Hi-Fi 1 features some of the best speakers and two-channel components we have to offer, including Focal and Sonus faber speakers, MOON electronics and a VPI turntable...


Hi-Fi 1: High-End Two-Channel Systems

Here's another view of our Hi-Fi 1 room. Sit back, relax, and get lost in the music.


Hi-Fi 2: Two-Channel Switching

In Hi-Fi 2, you can easily switch between amplifiers and sources in real time, which makes it easier to determine the components you like best. Brands featured are Marantz, Moon and more...


Hi-Fi 2: Two-Channel Switching

Hi-Fi 2 always has 10-12 pairs of speakers to switch between, including models from B&W, Focal, Klipsch and more. The selection rotates periodically to showcase new models.


Control4 Solutions

As a Control4 Certified Showroom Dealer, we've met a series of elevated standards and are well-versed in the art of “WOW-ing” homeowners, designers, builders, architects — and anyone else who visits — through interactive storytelling, visually stunning displays, and hands-on demonstrations that bring technology to life in a way to help you envision smart living in your own home.



Whether you want some significantly upgraded earbuds fir your smart phone, or you want to do some critical listening at home with an over-the-ear model, when you need a good pair of headphones (or two!) to enjoy all the great entertainment options available today. Our Headphone Bar lets you listen to the latest and greatest ‘phones from Bose, Denon, Audeze and more.


Switching Theater

This useful demonstration room provides the ability to switch back and forth between multiple components, speakers and subwoofers so you can easily compare performance and find the products you like best. Shown here are electronics from Denon, Marantz, McIntosh, Arcam and more, plus subs from REL, GoldenEar and SVS.


Switching Theater

Here's an amazing collection of speakers, including floorstanding, bookshelf, center channel, and architectural models. Our favorite brands are represented here, including B&W, Focal, GoldenEar and Sonus faber.


Outdoor Speakers

Why limit your music to inside your house? Our all-weather speakers from B&W, and other great brands will let you enjoy your favorite tunes on your deck or patio, and even out in the middle of your yard.



In addition to the finest audio/video equipment, ListenUp offers an extensive selection of theater seating and furniture from well-known manufacturers such as BDI, Salamander and more. Our credenzas and cabinets are specially designed to provide the proper ventilation and cable management your equipment needs to perform at its best.



The right cables do make a difference. We have a wide selection of interconnects, speaker cables and other accessories from AudioQuest that will allow your components t operate at their peak potential.

Recent projects we’ve designed and installed

From dedicated home theaters to whole-house A/V, home automation, control and security, we have created some of the most sophisticated systems in the country. Here are just a few…

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