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Demo Rooms

Demo Rooms

Visit Denver Home Entertainment Showrooms

We have numerous demonstration rooms in our Denver location where you can compare products and figure out which ones you like best. Our career salespeople will take the time to help you get the component or system that matches your needs, desires and budget. We are also experts in system control and installation, so we will make sure everything is beautifully integrated into your home and easy to use for the whole family. Visit our store today to get ideas for your dream home entertainment room!


Room A: High-end Music 1

Our High-end Music Room A currently features Avantgarde Acoustic Duo XD horn-based floorstanding speakers, which offer high efficiency (so they play loud!), vanishingly little distortion, and maximum dynamics. You've got to hear them to believe them! They're powered by MOON electronics, and a VPI turntable is the analog source. This has been acoustically optimized, so you'll hear only clean, pure sound without room colorations.

Room B: Dedicated Home Theater

Room B: Dedicated Home Theater

With a Sony 4K projector, 138-inch screen, top-of-the line equipment from JBL Synthesis and B&W and optimized room acoustics, this system can rival the performance of first-run digital movie theaters. Plush, stylish theater seating lets you enjoy everything with maximum comfort, while custom programming on the Control4 touchscreen offers easy control of the whole system.


Lighting and Window Coverings

Lighting control and motorized window coverings have become extremely popular categories in today's Smart Homes. Lighting control saves you money by turning lights on and off only when needed. Pre-programmed vignettes can be engaged at the touch of a button to add a dramatic element to your home's appearance. Motorized window treatments are also cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing, giving you just the right amount of sunlight and privacy.


Room C: Architectural Speakers/Conference Room

Interested in in-wall or in-ceiling speakers? Here’s where you can see some of the options, and how we can subtly integrate them into your décor. This is also the place we can sit down with you and discuss exactly what type of system or component you’re interested in. Our experienced career sales consultants will make sure you get exactly what you want and need.


Room D: High Performance Stereo and Theater

In Room D, you can audition the latest and greatest components from Marantz, McIntosh, Moon and more, turntables by Pro-Ject and VPI, and speakers from B&W, Focal, GoldenEar, Magnepan and Sonus faber. Equipment is housed in stylish, functional A/V furniture from Salamander designs.


Room E: Living Room Theater

You don’t necessarily need a dedicated home theater to enjoy an amazing big-screen experience. With an 85-inch Sony 4K Ultra HD TV, sleek Sonus faber speakers, and McIntosh electronics in elegant cabinetry, this lifestyle-oriented theater shows how today’s modern components can easily blend in with your décor. Dual REL subwoofers add that extra “Ooomph.”

Room F: Integrated Theater

Room F: Integrated Theater

With front-projection video, components hidden from view and speakers located in custom enclosures, the Integrated Theater is a great example of a seamless installation. Advanced lighting control produces a dramatic effect, and everything can be operated with the touch of a button on the Control4 touchscreen.

Room G: Electronics, Speakers and Turntables

Room G: Electronics, Speakers and Turntables

This 2-channel demo room allows you to compare different speakers and components so you can find equipment that’s exactly right for your needs and budget. There are receivers, amplifiers and preamps from Denon, Integra, McIntosh and NAD. We also have a great line of turntables, including models from Pro-Ject, Thorens and VPI. The speaker selection includes Audioengine, B&W, GoldenEar, PSB and Sonus faber.


Room H: Receivers and Speakers

This demo room showcases surround-sound systems, receivers and speaker packages. One of our helpful sales consultants will help you choose from different configurations, sizes and price ranges, so you get a system to satisfy your taste and budget.


Room I: High-end Music Room

High-end Music Room I is the home of the spectacular Focal Stella Utopia EM Evo floorstanding loudspeakers. They offer many of the innovations of the flagship Grande Utopia EM, but in a 3-way version with more convenient dimensions. Its 13-inch built-in “W” cone woofer with the Grande Utopia EM’s Electro-Magnet proves just as efficient in the very low end as it does in the lower mid-range. They're fed by a pair of MOON 888 monoblock amps.


Personal Listening

Whether you need to upgrade ear-buds for your smart phone or you want a pair of over-the-ear headphones to rock out at home, we have a solution for you. Our Personal Listening area lets you experience the latest and greatest models from Audeze, Bose, Denon, Focal and more. You can even bring in your iPhone or portable player and listen to your very own collection to help you make your decision.

Cables and Computer Audio

Cables and Computer Audio

In this area we can show you a large variety of upgraded cables that will let your system deliver its peak performance. There are also two desktop systems that give you an idea of how much better music from your computer can sound. Powered speakers from Audioengine and B&W plus outboard digital-to-analog converters can really make you computer audio sing!

Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor Entertainment

Your music doesn’t have to be confined to inside your house – we have a great selection of all-weather speakers that allow you to take the party outside, too! We also carry advanced new flat-screen TVs specifically designed for outdoor applications, so you can also watch your favorite sporting events and programs. And with today’s convenient apps for your smartphone, you can control everything from the palm of your hand.

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