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Meet Our Denver Home Audio Experts

The experts in our Denver showroom will be happy to talk with you about ideas for your home. They’ll give you the best advice and help you find quick and easy solutions. Visit us in Denver now!

Branch Manager

Chris Havekost

Branch Manager

With ListenUp since 1983

Boulder native Chris Havekost started with ListenUp directly out of college in our (now defunct) car audio division. Thirty years later, he’s still working for us as the store manager of our Denver Retail location, leading his team with a passion for music and technology. “I’ve always loved music. I played drums in school and in several bands doing original music.”

Chris’s draw for the A/V industry can be traced back much further than his first day on the job in 1984. “I started building small electronics in elementary school and found an affinity for sound systems and how they worked.” We’re thankful that he turned this curiosity into such a long-lasting and fruitful career with ListenUp.

As soon as you step foot inside our Denver store, Chris’s love of A/V is apparent in both the visual appearance of the store and the industry-expert team he leads. “As a manager, I really enjoy creating a place where people can see and hear world class equipment and share the passion I have for music and film.”

As an avid skier and mountain biker, Chris is just as passionate about achieving his goals outside of the office. “I’ve climbed almost all Colorado’s 14ers and enjoy almost anything outdoors.”

Senior Sales Consultant

Kevin Russell

Senior Sales Consultant

With ListenUp since 1988

Kevin Russell’s first memory of music was from his grandparents’ mahogany RCA Victor Victrola. “My dad would crank up the ‘talking machine,’ pull out a shellac 78 record, cut a new bamboo needle and start up the music.” His grandparents were married in Denver in 1909 and lived one block away from ListenUp’s original Washington Park location.

After graduating from college, Kevin and his wife started a career with Continental Airlines, which finally landed them in Denver. His passion for all things music-related soon led him to ListenUp with resume in hand. “They took a chance on me… a 33-year-old former flight attendant with no previous sales experience, and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.”

Kevin has been a ListenUp sales consultant for more than 25 years and says the relationships he’s developed with customers have enriched his life. “ListenUp has been a terrific place to work. The company is filled with intelligent, qualified and dependable people, which makes for a great team. I appreciate the chance they took on me and my successes along the way.”

For the record, he still has the Victrola 105 years later.

Senior Sales Consultant

Scott Genaw

Senior Sales Consultant

With ListenUp since 1990

Possessing an effervescent enthusiasm for hi-fi and the patois of a jazzman, Scott Genaw has been a distinctive presence in our Denver store since 1990. An industry veteran all the way back to 1981, Scott first worked in our car stereo department for several years before moving into home audio. “I dig working retail,” says Scott, “because on a given day we might do anything — sell a flat-panel TV, get someone 20 feet of speaker wire, or design a high-end system. And what better way to make a living than by helping people turn their music up?”Scott’s family has deep roots in Colorado — he was born in Colorado Springs when his father was stationed at the Air Force Academy, and his great-grandmother actually moved here directly from Italy. When not bringing better sound and video to the good people of Denver, Scott enjoys hunkering down at home with his eight vintage Turkish rugs, his two Chows and his long-time girlfriend.

Senior Sales Consultant

Scott Weverstad

Senior Sales Consultant

With ListenUp since 1994

With a Dad who worked for Kellogg’s, Scott Weverstad lived all over when he was young, from California to Texas and Florida to Oregon. But the family ended up in Battle Creek, Michigan for Scott’s formative years. After high school Scott went to work for an A/V superstore in the Grand Rapids area for four years before moving over to a local specialty store for two more. Scott moved out here and got a job at ListenUp back in 1994.Scott’s took up the guitar when he was 15, and his band Off the Hook plays a couple of weekends every month.“I’ve always been into music, so that’s one of the things I love about working at ListenUp — I get to work in my hobby,” says Scott, who sites Santana and Pink Floyd as some of his musical influences. “Plus I get to visit some amazing homes when I’m helping clients set up their systems. All in all it’s a pretty good gig!”

Senior Sales Consultant

Craig Congdon

Senior Sales Consultant

With ListenUp since 2001

One day back when he was the owner of an A/V shop in Bettendorf, Iowa, Craig Congdon realized he hadn’t been skiing since he opened the store. He further realized that this had to do not only with the long hours inherent in owning your own business, but also the fact that he lived in Iowa. So he loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly… er, Denver.Craig has a particular love for high-performance stereo systems. “Many of my clients want custom-oriented home theaters, but I also do a lot of stereo setups. The high-end two-channel systems give you a great point of reference for everything else.” Storing content on hard-drives is the big thing these days, says Craig, and the Sonos digital music system, which allows easy access to these digitized tunes, has made music even more fun. “I have a Sonos system with five Zone Controllers, and when I have company everyone loves to grab a controller and dial up their favorite songs.”

Sales Consultant

Dusty Gorski

Sales Consultant

With ListenUp 2000-2012, 2017-present

A Wisconsin native and veteran of the home entertainment business since 1981, Dusty Gorski moved to Denver to work for A/V retailer in the early '90s. He eventually did national sales training for a couple custom-oriented manufacturers before coming to ListenUp originally in 2000. After a few years away, he recently rejoined our Denver team.

Dusty and his wife Jennifer, have two children: Alee who recently got married, and Nico who is soon to graduate from CSU. Dusty and his wife enjoy biking, hiking, photography and reading. They also enjoy traveling to Cozumel,Mexico, and have been there at least once per year for the past 15 years.

Dusty is extremely excited to rejoin ListenUp and we are excited to have him back!

Sales Consultant<

Jerry Rausch

Sales Consultant

With ListenUp since 2013

After working in the IT field for almost a decade, Jerry Rausch, an Omaha native, joined the ListenUp sales team in 2013 with nearly 15 years experience in the A/V industry. “I guess I’ve always had a strong passion for audio and video. I became an audiophile at an early age. I’d consistently hang out in the local high-end audio shops listening to 2-channel systems and hearing all the fine details that the other systems couldn't produce.”

His early fascination has led him to a successful sales career at ListenUp. “Over the years, I’ve used that knowledge to help customers get the most out of their systems. I love raising the bar from something that plays music, to something that sounds like music is being played.”

Today, Jerry has gone full circle from his younger audiophile days. You can still find him hanging out in our Denver store listening to 2-channel systems from McIntosh, Classe or Moon paired with top-of-the-line speakers from B&W and Sonus Farber. “The cool part of working for ListenUp is the fact that we sell such a wide variety of products. Also, the fact that our installers are so thorough that it makes designing systems from basic to bold to match everyone’s needs a breeze.”

Project Manager

Jeff Blundell

Project Manager

With ListenUp since 2010

As a 20-year veteran in the A/V industry, Jeff Blundell is the kind of professional any person would want managing their home audio/video project. After employment at a big-box retailer for many years, Jeff says he loves working for ListenUp. “As a small company we can build solid, trusting relationships with clients, yet we have the resources of a larger business.”

Jeff’s most recent project in Flour Mill Lofts was to integrate the A/V distribution, lighting, shades, fireplaces and HVAC system for customized control. He really enjoys working with people to make technology less intimidating and more in-line with their lifestyles.

A Michigan native, Jeff moved to Colorado four years ago with his wife, Sara, and their son, Braylon. He’s an avid cyclist and spends his free time hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains with his family.

Field Technician

Matt Andreasen

Field Technician

With ListenUp since 2011

Matt Andreasen started in the A/V industry more than 22 years ago. He worked for big-box retailers like Ultimate Electronics and Best Buy before joining the team at ListenUp. “I like being at ListenUp because everyone here is so into technology and shares an interest in what we do. I really enjoy working alongside such well-educated individuals.”

Matt married his wife in 2003 and they had their first son in 2011. Originally from Nebraska, Matt moved to Colorado for college and never looked back. “I look forward to when the snow hits the ground every year because I try to snowboard almost every moment that I’m away from work.”

Field Technician

Justyn Born

Field Technician

With ListenUp since 2013

After working for big-box retailers, including Ultimate Electronics and Car Toys, Justyn Born joined our Denver retail store installation team almost a year ago. His seven years experience in the industry definitely gave him an edge when he applied with us. And it seems that ListenUp was a good fit for Justyn as well. “I really like the day-to-day variety that comes with installing.”

Justin also has experience in architectural drafting and design, as well as sales. There’s no doubt that the future is bright for this veteran within the A/V industry and this newbie within the ListenUp family.

Office Supervisor

Michelle Quinn

Office Supervisor

With ListenUp since 2012

Michelle Quinn was born and raised in Minnesota, but fell in love with Colorado’s beauty during a backpacking trip in 1998. It took 10 years, but in 2008 she was finally able to make the move to call Colorado her home.

ListenUp is Michelle’s first stint in the A/V industry, but she has held various management and planning positions throughout her career that have prepared her to be the rock star office manager that she is today for our Denver store. Michelle loves her work environment. “ListenUp is a dying breed in retail because of the company’s passion and reverence for excellence and customer service, which is so sorely lacking in many establishments these days.” If you’re looking for great customer service, stop in our Denver store and visit Michelle.

True to her Minnesota roots, Michelle is a huge hockey fan and spends her free time exploring Colorado and practicing yoga.

Sales Administrator

Robert Cleveland

Sales Administrator

ListenUp with 2013

Robert Cleveland is one of our many second-generation ListenUp employees. “I was exposed to the A/V industry at a young age because my father worked for ListenUp for many years, but I’ve only just recently taken it on as my own profession.”

Robert came to work in our Denver store in a support position after graduating from Arizona State University. In his role, he joins the knowledgeable people working behind the scenes. “I really enjoy working with technology and, when it’s set up correctly by people who know what they’re doing, it can really make people’s lives more enjoyable.”

Outside of work, Robert spends his free time outdoors. He’s been snowboarding for more than 20 years and enjoys hiking, camping, boating and hunting.

Contract Administrator

Kristina Wright

Contract Administrator


Our new Contract Administrator, Kristina Wright, was born and raised in Denver. Her background includes customer service and sales support, mostly in telecommunications, retail and construction.

Kristina's hobbies include archery, camping, fishing, and any activity she can do outdoors with her black Labrador Retriever. She also enjoys movies and live music concerts.


Jim Bixel

Project Manager


Jim Bixel left Pennsylvania for colorful Colorado in 2004 and joined the ListenUp team as a field technician about eight years later. He enjoys working for ListenUp because of the continuous changes in the industry. “Even the day-to-day jobs have a large amount of variance.”

Jim recently spent seven months living in Breckenridge working on one of the largest custom installs that the company has ever undertaken. “ListenUp allows you the opportunity to work with really high-end gear on state-of-the-art installations.”

When he’s not dedicating seven months of his life to a work project, Jim usually spends his time playing or watching soccer and hiking with his girlfriend and dog.

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