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For over two decades, Leon has curated a symphony of art, design, and technology. Their team, a dedicated orchestra of artisans and engineers, meticulously handcrafts American-made audio equipment, each piece a testament to their skill.

Sound, the soul of Leon, sets the tone, while style seamlessly integrates technology into the home. Their collection transcends audio equipment to embody Media Décor, offering customizable form and function.

Leon empowers individuals to compose their aesthetic, crafting one-of-a-kind pieces that complement any style. Their innovative approach redefines technology, creating timeless designs.

Experience Leon's visual and auditory masterpieces, where function meets artistic expression. Elevate your home with Leon, where every piece is a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and innovation.
Crafting Seamless Integration

At ListenUp, we believe in more than just exceptional audio experiences; we're dedicated to crafting soundscapes that seamlessly integrate into the very fabric of your living spaces.
Our partnership with Leon reflects this commitment, blending cutting-edge audio technology with elegant design to elevate your home environment.
Leon products are more than speakers—they're meticulously designed pieces of functional art that complement any room's aesthetic.
Together, we strike the perfect balance between performance and visual harmony.

Leon Studio Frame

Elevate your Sony BRAVIA XR 4K ultra-HD display into a stunning piece of framed art. The Leon Studio Frame™, compatible with 65” and 75” models, adds a sophisticated touch with its contemporary profile, built-in motion-and-light sensor, and an exclusive TV app developed in collaboration with Sony. With access to the Sony Art Frame Gallery app, featuring a curated selection of 70 artworks, transform your BRAVIA equipped with the Studio Frame into a dynamic digital art display.

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Endless Possibilities

With ListenUp and Leon, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're seeking a discreet audio solution or a bold statement piece, we're here to make it happen.
Our partnership combines passion with precision, transforming your space into a symphony of sound and style.
Discover a new dimension of audio with ListenUp and Leon.
Let us redefine the way you listen and live.
Together, we create more than just audio experiences; we craft enduring impressions that resonate long after the music fades.
Welcome to a world where sound and style harmonize—welcome to ListenUp with Leon.

Leon Lookbook

Immerse yourself in Leon's comprehensive 200-page Lookbook. This expansive resource provides inspiration for your upcoming project and delves into the core values and design philosophy that define the Leon brand.

Witness firsthand how Leon translates their design expertise into reality through client case studies featuring renowned names like Adrian Grenier, Muscle Shoals Recording Studio, and Slack. Additionally, the Lookbook showcases captivating photography from exclusive Leon Loft events and breathtaking examples of their highly customized installations.

Packed with stunning visuals and informative content, the Leon Lookbook serves as the ideal introduction to the brand's comprehensive suite of products and services.

View the Leon Lookbook

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