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ListenUp reviews the new Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 3 Soundbar

Hi everyone it's Hallie from ListenUp and I'm here to introduce Panorama 3 from our spoken it's Panorama 3 because it's the third evolution of Bowers and Wilkins all-in-one sound bar but the first to feature Dolby Atmos spacial audio that is recorded and mixed with Dolby at most is meant to create an immersive speaker technology Panorama coupled with signature Bowers & Wilkins. technology the same technology used to make some of your favorite movies because our smoke and speakers are used in many of the top movies sound mixing Studios like Abbey Road Studio so you're getting some of the best sound available but the other cool thing about Panorama's capabilities if you don't want to invest in a full range speakers the amazing thing is that this town will be Rivals for many apologize speaker systems you aren't giving up anything a single HDMI eArc connection to your TV remote your system the Panorama is great as a smart speaker for music when you're ready to listen just connect with your phone or tablet the power is looking at from there you'll get both Pirates playback direct from your device and access to a wide range of streaming services for Spotify and Tidal, Duo to create new alternative the Panorama comes to the Matthew rack included on the wall or place it on a media cabinet underneath your TV with an elegant and discrete look along with simple manual control until you turn it off then the Panorama is a lot more outgoing it features a 400 watt amplifier driving 13 individual speakers including twin subwoofers on it on top having spent time listening to the Panorama since I'll be at most capability coupled with the power spoken signature sounds movies that you didn't realize were there before but the biggest surprise is the face for Soundbar it's amazing how pronounce the basis purely matching the performance of a full surround system or two channel Tower speakers if you're looking for a system for a living room or bedroom that will do double duty perfect theater and decent then you are spoken Panorama 3 the truth will be apples is ideal delivering the most immersive the most convincing audio we've heard from the sound bar if you're interested in purchasing your pain and don't forget to like And subscribe