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Introducing the Reach for the MOON Trade-Up Program!

Are you ready to take your audio experience to new heights? Get ready to elevate your journey into the world of premium sound with our groundbreaking "Reach For The MOON" trade-up program. Crafted for true audiophiles and music enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best, this program is designed to enhance your sonic journey, ensuring that your investment evolves with your passions.

100% Credit for Up to One Year

From the moment you make that exhilarating purchase, we're dedicated to nurturing your musical connection. For the first year of ownership, the "Reach For The MOON" program allows customers to upgrade and receive an incredible 100% credit on their well-maintained gear. Experience the joy of exploring new horizons without hesitation.

75% Credit During the Second Year

The excitement doesn't stop after the first year! MOON owners can continue their sonic journey by upgrading their gear and receiving an incredible 75% credit on their used equipment during the second year. We believe in supporting your growth as an audiophile and enhancing your experience at every step.

Music Matters, Upgrade with Confidence

Our mission is simple yet profound: we want you to be completely enamored with your MOON product. We want you to yearn for more, to crave the absolute best in audio quality. The "Reach For The MOON" Trade-Up Program is a testament to our commitment to your musical satisfaction. It's not just about sound; it's about improving your life through the power of music.

Zero Depreciation Upgrades

Upgrade with confidence! Our program offers the opportunity to step up to a better model with as little as zero depreciation on your current unit. We value your investment, and our unique trade-up program ensures that you enjoy long-term security and unending joy as you venture into the world of high-performance audio.

Unveiling the North Collection

Experience excellence like never before. The "Reach For The MOON" Trade-Up Program lets you effortlessly upgrade from legacy 600+ products or 100-400 models to the remarkable new North Collection. Your journey into luxury and high-performance audio starts here.

Discover Unrivaled Value

In the words of Costa Koulisakis, "It's all about value." We're here to offer you more than just products; we're here to provide you with a lifetime of musical satisfaction. Explore the cosmos of sound, upgrade your experience, and reach for the MOON with our incredible exchange program.

Embrace the future of audio excellence and transform your musical journey with the “Reach for the MOON” Trade-Up Program. Elevate your sound, elevate your life. It's time to reach for the MOON and beyond.

**some details and restrictions apply, please contact us for more information.

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