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Soundbars are the simple and versatile solution to enhancing your audio experience without breaking the bank. Rather than cluttering your space, soundbars have revolutionized home entertainment by offering a sleek and compact alternative to a traditional, multi-component speaker system. Soundbars can often be the gateway to improving your home theater experience, as you can vamp up your TV sound starting at a few hundred dollars. They are typically easy to set-up, with only needing a few plug-and-play steps to be up and running. Whether you're watching movies, listening to music or gaming, soundbars deliver immersive sound quality that can bring your favorite content to life. Let's delve into ListenUp’s best-selling options that cater to a variety of needs, budgets, and preferences.


At $185, the Denon DHT-S217 sound bar is one of the most affordable options on this list. The DHT-S217 offers an immersive experience through Dolby Atmos for cinematic audio at home. It’s a standout choice for any budget, offering enhanced clarity, optimal performance and seamless wireless streaming. You can customize your audio settings with Denon’s Dialog Enhancer, offering three distinct levels of volume enhancement for crystal clear dialogue, ensuring you don’t miss a single word of your favorite TV shows or movies.

Denon’s DHT-S517 is a hop, leap and a jump above the DHT-S217 with many additional features. For $449, the DHT-S517 includes a front-firing wireless subwoofer, delivering deep, resonant bass and creating new depths. You’ll be able to feel the impact of your favorite music and movies in a whole new way. Along with Denon’s Dialog Enhancer previously mentioned, the DHT-S517 offers three distinct sound modes; Movie, Music, and Night— ideal for low-level listening. No matter the content you're watching or listening to, the DHT-S517 adapts to suit your entertainment needs.

Denon DHT-S517

The compact Denon Home Soundbar 550 makes every movie feel grand by delivering 3D surround sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Stream music directly to your soundbar to explore millions of songs, including thousands of Hi-Res audio tracks. Simply control your Soundbar 550 with your TV’s remote. Denon also makes it easy to live in harmony within the Denon Ecosystem. You can sync your Denon Home Soundbar 550 with your existing Denon Hi-Fi system, A/V receiver, or other HEOS/Denon home speakers with HEOS built-in.


The Sonos Arc, which entered the What Hi-Fi? Hall of Fame in 2022, has widely been regarded as one of the best soundbars on the market. Arc boasts Dolby Atmos support, creating a captivating 3D audio experience that makes you feel like you’re right in the action. Arc works with Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri, creating a wonderful sound that’s well worth the $899 price tag.

Sonos Arc

If you’re not ready to drop $899 on the Sonos Arc, the Sonos Beam (Gen 2) powered smart soundbar is an excellent choice if you’d like to stay within the Sonos family. Beam takes up a much smaller footprint and brings high-quality sound even at lower volumes with advanced audio processing. There is also an option to activate ‘Night Sound’ via the Sonos app which reduces the intensity of loud effects and enhances quieter moments that you might otherwise not be able to hear. Beam has been expertly fine-tuned by Oscar-winning sound engineers so you can enjoy all of your favorite media with crystal-clear dialogue. Both the Sonos Beam and the Sonos Arc offer a super simple setup.


Sony’s HT-A7000 Dolby Atmos soundbar creates a cinematic and immersive audio experience. Its 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology replicates a virtual surround field, bringing TV shows, movies and music to life. The HT-A7000 uses real-time upscaling of compressed digital music files through Edge-AI technology to produce rich, dynamic audio. Featuring 7.1.2 channels, front speakers, up-firing speakers, and beam tweeters, the HT-A7000 brings supreme surround sound into your living room. Sony’s flagship soundbar is your ticket to an elevated home entertainment system and for a limited time you can snag this powerful soundbar for $998 - $400 off its MSRP.

Sony's AT-7000 Spacial Audio

The Sony HT-S400 2.1ch soundbar is currently being offered at $100 off, making it an exceptional value for $198. The HT-S400 is designed with state-of-the-art technology, delivering immersive sound that puts you right in the middle of your favorite shows. The 2.1ch front surround sound system along the included wireless subwoofer will have you feeling the deep, rich bass vibrations of all the content you watch. With 330W of total output, every sound is delivered with the clarity and volume it deserves.


Although a product might be offered at a lower price point doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch - and Polk Audio’s Signa line proves just that. Each soundbar in this line is compact, but includes a wireless subwoofer reproducing deep bass that you can feel.

The room-filling Polk Signa S2 easily beats the sound you hear from your TV’s small speakers for under $250. A one-button preset on the Signa S2 remote offers EQ settings for movies and music, optimizing the soundbar to ensure you get the clearest dialogue, biggest sound and deepest bass for an immersive home theater and audio experience. At just 5.5cm tall, the Signa S2 fits most spaces that you wouldn’t assume a standard soundbar could fit - like between your fireplace and wall mounted TV.

The low-profile Polk Signa S3 is offered at $299, delivering incredible sound, giving you the ability to stream all of your favorite music streaming services. Built-in Google Chromecast offers Hi-Res music streaming services from all of your favorite apps over Wi-Fi. Polk’s patented voice adjust technology lets you choose from three distinct levels to reproduce clear, crisp dialogue, so you don’t miss a word of your favorite movie, TV show or sporting event.

Polk Signa S3

Although currently on backorder, Polk’s Signa S4 was named Rolling Stone’s ‘Soundbar of the Year,’ earning recognition from Sound & Vision Magazine, Digital Trends and countless others for its exceptional sound and surprising value. The Signa S4 features an advanced seven-driver Dolby Atmos array, Polk Voice Adjust, streaming via bluetooth and more.

Not sure which soundbar would be best for your television? Chat with ListenUp’s audio experts to discuss the best options for your home.