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The new Moon Voice 22 speakers and the Moon ACE all-in-one music player.

For over 40 years, Simaudio  components have been recognized as exceptionally faithful reproducers of music, capable of bringing the presence and emotion of a concert experience into home listening rooms. When the company first launched its series of reference-grade products, they chose the name MOON  to symbolize the aspirations and goals of that series, and the heights they hoped to attain.

Reviewers and owners alike would verify that the MOON components aim high, and reach their target. MOON products have been widely acclaimed, have won hundreds of awards worldwide, and are mainstays of Stereophile magazine’s prestigious Recommended Components list. In the past, MOON components had to be paired with speakers from other companies, in order to find their voice—but that changes now.

The Moon ACE (“A Complete Experience”), introduced in 2016, was designed to be a compact all-in-one component, built to the usual demanding MOON standards. ACE includes a DAC, streamer, phono stage, and headphone amp, and can indeed provide a complete experience, with the addition of speakers. Optionally, it can be made even more versatile with the addition of a turntable and headphones. Jeff Dorgay at TONE Audio—an experienced reviewer who has used or owned every megabuck component you can name—wrote, “The MOON ACE is a component you can live with for a long time… should you want a high performance, all in one component. This is one of the best values we’ve seen in high performance audio in a long time. And, after purchasing the review sample, it will be a permanent reference component here.” Pretty high praise, indeed.

Now, the ACE has the perfect mate to act as its voice: the Voice 22, MOON’s first loudspeaker, ever. As you’d expect from a no-compromise MOON product, the Voice 22 incorporates some unusual and groundbreaking technology. At just 14” high and 8” wide, it may look like a conventional compact speaker—but every element of its design and construction has been thoughtfully considered, and shows that MOON’s first speaker isn’t a me-too product.

Take, for example, the enclosure—the “box”. Much of the coloration of conventional loudspeakers can be traced to resonances and noise introduced by the enclosure; the Voice 22 addresses those issues with patent-pending CGD (Curved Groove Damping), a process where curved grooves are cut into the interior cabinet walls, and filled with a damping compound that eliminates much of the vibration and noise that most speaker cabinets generate. The result is an uncommonly clear, uncolored sound quality.

The curved thingie around the tweeter? That’s a waveguide, designed to carefully couple the driver to the air, increasing efficiency and power handling, lowering distortion, allowing a wider frequency range of response, enabling a lower crossover frequency to the woofer, and carefully matching the radiation characteristics of the woofer. That’s a mouthful, but it means that the Voice 22 will have a coherent sound quality, and the woofer and tweeter will be heard as a single source.

Oh, that woofer is interesting, also: it has a cast-aluminum basket—the frame of the driver— and a mineral-filled polypropylene cone. Again: lower noise and distortion, clear sound, and surprisingly powerful bass for a relatively small driver.

There’s another cool touch you’ll notice immediately: the Hover Base elevates the speaker above any surface—rack, credenza, whatever—and does so without marking the surface at all. If stand-mounting is desired, matching stands are optionally available.

In sum, the Voice 22 provides the perfect voice for the ACE, or the MOON 200- or 300-series amplifiers. For the first time, a complete MOON system is available, with the sound and Made In Canada build-quality that made the brand famous. If that’s not enough, MOON owners have the assurance of quality provided by a 10-year warranty!

You can’t go wrong with MOON.

Watch our video review of the Moon Voice 22 Speakers paired with the Moon ACE - The Complete Moon System:

To learn more about the ACE or the Voice 22 and take advantage of a potential bundle discount, chat  or visit your nearest ListenUp showroom.