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Whether its creating a new routine or finding a quiet space for calls, working from home poses a number of challenges. With a growing societal shift towards virtual work, more students and professionals are adjusting to life at home.

Fortunately, the right equipment can make these changes easier. Whether you're updating your home office or creating a virtual classroom, these options for remote work equipment can help you maximize your home for productivity and learning.

Media Accessories

Your desk setup is a fundamental aspect of your work from home space. This arrangement needs to be both functional and ergonomic, ensuring that you can spend long, productive days at work without causing pain or discomfort. In addition to a comfortable office chair, its important that your eyes are level with your computer screen. bookshelf speakers

If you use a laptop, consider getting a desktop monitor and stand to broaden your display, reduce eye strain, and provide a more comfortable way to work. These setups benefit from a high-quality outlet omniport, where you can plug in multiple devices with minimal cord tangling. If you leverage multiple workspaces throughout the house, consider a laptop or tablet mount to provide a more ergonomic view without sacrificing portability.

No matter which display you choose, be sure to keep your accessories in top shape with an ammonia-free cleaner that eliminates germs, dust, and static.

For a major upgrade to your home office, consider adding a 4K television to your home office or classroom. This can be especially helpful for professionals who meet with colleagues over video chat or for students or frequently engage with videos and presentations.


From phone calls to music to learning videossound is necessary in the home workspace. When youre investing in an upgrade, why not opt for the most high-quality sound you can find?

There are many options for receiving sound, including speakers and headphones.

Wireless Headphones

man with headphonesWireless headphones are increasingly popular among professionals and students, and theres no surprise why. Top-tier wireless headphones are equipped with everything you need to connect virtually with others. AI voice integration, for example, offers hands-free navigation and control so you can conduct quick tasks on the go.

Also look for noise cancelling functionality, which is especially handy for anyone trying to be productive at home alongside other remote workers or students. Headphones with high-quality microphones are also a plus in todays home officeespecially when you take part in important meetings.

Portable Speakers

speaker on deskNot everyone works in a home office all day; in fact, many people prefer to move from the kitchen, to the living room, to the porchall depending on the work at hand. When youre moving about, a portable speaker ensures you can take crisp, clear audio along with you. Bluetooth speakers, specifically, are more versatile and allow you to connect through any device.

Next, consider how a portable speaker could adapt to meet the needs of multiple people working and studying at home. Are you working in the morning, while your college students are studying at night? A portable speaker can connect to multiple devices throughout the day, offering a flexible sound option for a family with varying needs.

Desktop Speakers

deskWorking at a dedicated desk is much more enjoyable when you have amazing sound streaming from every direction. Desktop speakers are a worthwhile investment if you enjoy having a soundtrack to work to. Plus, many of todays top-tier desktop speakers come equipped with bluetooth and allow you to connect with any device.

Another option is to stream clear, concise sound directly to your speakers from your computer through a digital to analog converter. No matter which desktop speaker you choose, its important to choose something that works with your lifestyle and offers maximum support for your work, study, and learning needs.

Smart Home Accessories

The last thing to round out an efficiency-producing home work environment is to consider smart home accessories. What will make your office less of a place to work, and more of a sanctuary in which to create?smart room

Consider design extras, like custom shades, drapery, and shutters. Exclusive fabrics and styles can add personality and flair to your office, transporting it from a basic room in your home to a luxury work environment.

For a superior light experience, smart shades allow you to control when and how your window treatments move. From your smartphone or tablet, these shades can be scheduled to open in the morning for an energizing early work session, then lower in the afternoon sun, then shut in the evening when the work day is done. Lighting control is a smart addition to a remote workspace because it helps transform your home into a productivity space during the day, yet flex to relaxation and fun in evenings and on weekends.

Schedule your lighting preferences ahead of time, helping everyone in the family reach their maximum lighting needs at a given time. Plus, innovative lighting design controls save time and energy, which is especially important when youre spending so much more time at home.

No matter what subject youre studying or how often youre working, its important that your work from home space maximizes productivity, functionality, and comfort. Consider these options for remote work tools to determine which items will elevate your office to the next level.