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The EverSolo A6 may have earned the honor of being the most hyped/discussed HiFi product in 2023, so writing this blog post in early 2024 it's hard to say if there is any room for another hot take. The truth of the matter is, ListenUp is now an authorized dealer for EverSolo and the excitement for this product has been evident from everyone who has spent time with it.

Exciting New Changes

This blog post is about the EverSolo A6, but it is not a review (there are plenty of those out there) but rather a reflection on how we as audiophiles should be excited about the evolution of technology. In more practical pieces of technology (computers & phones) we are in awe that we now have the power of a million dollar mainframe computer in our pocket or laptop bag. With HiFi it seems that as an industry we spend most of our time obsessing about how this or that piece of gear delivers nuanced incremental improvements for tens of thousands of dollars. As leaders in the industry we are certainly not here to judge. Maybe it Is just the nature of performance luxury products or maybe we all just celebrate the pure passion to get ever closer to perfect musical reproduction. 

What is hard to imagine, is that a product as versatile and down right excellent as the EverSolo A6 streaming DAC is written off as just another piece of budget audio when it should be celebrated for what it truly represents.

What’s Included with an EverSolo A6

Think about what you are getting for under $900 with the EverSolo A6:

A solid aluminum chassis with a 6” LCD touch screen with great build proportions, understated branding and a trick glowing trim ring around the volume knob. Internally, the EverSolo A6 is sporting a quad core ARM cortex A55 4G DDR of RAM running a highly custom version of Android 11 with  support for a up to a 4TB SSD drive (not included) and the latest in bluetooth with Qualcomm 5.0 bluetooth aptx hd. Before we even start talking about its music streaming and decoding tech it's amazing to think about this as an amazing little computer.  

Five years ago this level of build, internally and externally, would be a $5k+ product if it was even possible to create. 

Let's Get Technical

The EverSolo A6 really flexes its versatility when it comes time to stream and decode digital signals. It works with nearly every available format of source data from FLAC, WAV, APE, DSD512 and MQA. You can send this data myriad ways— WiFi, Wired LAN, Bluetooth, Coaxial, optical and USB-C. You can output signals via Coaxial and optical out as well as HDMI out (with its own dedicated clock). Decoding the signal is done using dual clocks and a pair of ESS Pro DACs. The two DAC chips correspond to the left and right channel independently, avoiding channel interference and delivering a better signal to noise ratio. 

So are you ready to hear just how good the EverSolo sounds? Pull out your phone and get into the EverSolo App. It is clean and modern and a great example of an app that executes well without doing too much. Access your music via multiple protocols and from most of the popular services: Qobuz, Tidal, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer and others. It’s also a ROON Ready endpoint. 

This is enough ranting about its capabilities, but we could go on in depth about the versatility and ease of use. 

While we are clearly excited about the EverSolo A6 and its upgraded, more pre-amp functioning big brother, the EverSolo A8, we are even more excited about what these products represent. Products like these mark a milestone step in the ever evolving HiFi world. Products like these make the hobby more accessible in cost, setup space (so many functions in one box) and ease of use. We believe that products that deliver both high quality and high value will help bring more people into the hobby. Solutions that allow people to connect with their music in improved ways are always a cause for celebration.


We can all still be quirky audiophiles obsessing about components that will move us closer to our individual listening nirvana. Some of us may choose to add an EverSolo streaming DAC to our setups, and others may move further upmarket to chase higher levels of fidelity, but either way we should all be excited that products like this exist. They push the entire industry to keep evolving, and in the end, we all benefit with better sound and user experience.