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The Omnia All-In-One Music System

The most capable component ever? It may very well be because the new Omnia integrated amplifier from Audiolab pretty much checks all the boxes the streamer box, the DAC box, the headphone box, the beautiful design box, and the CD player box (Sorry vinyl friends. Although, it does have a phono input.) It even checks the incredible value box, because it comes with a free 60-day Roon trial and a free 90-day Qobuz trial.

Key Features

  • Full DAC and preamp facilities
  • CD playback Free Roon & Qobuz trial
  • Analog and digital source connectivity
  • Class AB Amplification
  • Dedicated headphone amplifier
  • Hi-res streaming via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Major streaming service support (Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Amazon, and more!)
  • Internet Radio
  • Multi-room compatibility

Pure Sonic Sweetness

Exceptional sound calls for an exceptional DAC and in this area, the Omnia delivers in spades. The ES9038Q2M SABRE 32 DAC offers audiophile quality, incorporating 32-bit HyperStream II architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, resulting in pristine, highly detailed yet warm sound that is utterly captivating.

The Omnia also includes MQA technology, which enables you to play back MQA audio files and streams, delivering the sound of the original master recording.

Did I Mention CD Player

Well, its worth mentioning again because not only is the Omnia one of the few modern integrated components to feature this option, it does so in dramatic fashion. The epitome of high performance, this player incorporates class-leading 6000 CDT CD transport. And, raises the bar even more with a read-ahead digital buffer to reduce disc-reading failures. It performs so well, it can even play scratched and damaged CDs that are unreadable by conventional mechanisms.

Class AB Amplification

The discrete Class AB amplifier delivers 50W X2 into 8 ohms and 75 X2 into 4 ohms. The output stage of the power amp circuits uses a Complementary Feedback Topology, ensuring superior linearity and excellent thermal stability, as the idle current is kept independent of the temperature of the output transistors. A substantial 200VA toroidal transformer, followed by 4X15,000uF reservoir capacity (60,000uF in total), helps the amp to maintain firm control of the music while enabling excellent dynamic range. With such clean, efficient power the Omnia represents the pinnacle in terms of amplifier performance for components in its class.

Networked Audio Playback

For the most convenient access to wireless music playback, Omnia offers Bluetooth connectivity with high-quality, low latency, with the Bluetooth aptX standard.

The 6000A Plays Wi-Fi networking is powered by DTS Play-Fi: an app-controlled platform enabling high-quality, whole-home wireless audio, capable of streaming hi-res music up to 24-bit/192KHz and supported by a greater range of established audio brands than any other wireless platform.

Living Room or Listening Room

That is the perfect way to sum up the Omnia because its discrete and stylish enough to be at home in your main living area and exceptional sounding enough to be in a dedicated listening space. Offered in both black and silver, its an all-encompassing audio solution for just about any taste.

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