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Modern Dedication to a Classic Musical Experience

Since 1910, Denon has been a leading innovator in audio technology, consistently introducing groundbreaking products across various categories. Their dedication is driven by a genuine passion for sound, a deep appreciation for the artistry of music, and a firm belief that technology can enhance our lives. Denon stays true to its core principles while exceeding the demands of the digital age, creating exceptional audio products that include AV receivers, sound bars, speakers, headphones, amplifiers, CD players, turntables, and network audio players. This dedication to quality and innovation has solidified Denon's reputation as a visionary tastemaker in the pursuit of better sound for a richer listening experience.

HEOS® Built-In

Want to fill your home with music, effortlessly stream your favorites, or create a cinematic surround sound experience? HEOS Built-In is your answer. This wireless system, seamlessly integrated into Denon products, lets you stream music directly from popular services and share it across your entire house. Group speakers in different rooms for a unified soundscape, or create a wireless surround sound system for immersive movie nights. HEOS is easy to set up with the dedicated app, and works seamlessly with your existing Denon products. Upgrade your audio experience and control the music in every corner of your home, all with HEOS Built-In.

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Get to Know Denon Audio Components

Despite being around for more than a century, Denon consistently leads the industry in adoption of new technology for the most smoothly consistent and foolproof audio setup process possible. Denon seamlessly blends its dedication to the newest innovations in the audio space with a passion for experiencing every type of sound and music, from turntables for jamming with your favorite vintage LP, to wireless headphones that will blast the fastest BPMs possible on your morning run. Look to the experts at ListenUp to design and deliver the ultimate Denon setup for your music collection.