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If youre a football fan and even if youre not Super Bowl Sunday has practically become a national holiday. Whether youre glued to the game action or just interested in the commercials and halftime show, everything is more enjoyable with high-performance sight and sound. Here are a few ways to upgrade your system for an even more memorable experience

Get A Really Big Screen

Sony ProjectorWhen youre ready to step up to a screen thats measured in feet rather than inches, come in for a test drive of a Sony 4K projector. The VPL-VZ1000ES ultra-short-throw model has been designed with flexible installation in mind. Place the projector right next to a wall and you'll enjoy a beautiful 80-inch (diagonal) display; move it 8.3 feet away from the wall and the screen size increases to a huge 120-inches thats 10 feet of pristine 4K images! So whether it's placed on the floor, mounted on the ceiling or used for rear projection, you'll always see the big picture.

Make Your TV Work with Your Design

Samsung The FrameIts always nice to have TVs in other places besides your main theater/media room, especially for the big game, but a large black box on the wall doesnt exactly enhance your dcor. Samsung has a solution: The Frame TV. When you're done watching shows in stunning QLED 4K UHD, The Frame transforms into a beautiful work of art. Just activate Art Mode and discover many options that complement your room. The Samsung Art Store makes it fun and easy to discover a wide variety of art for all occasions with choices based on color or preferences like noteworthy masterpieces. And you can choose from a variety of elegant, artwork-quality framing options. You might also want to look at Samsung's The Terrace TV if you plan to watch the game in an outdoor setting.

If youre still wondering how to go about deciding on what TV technology to get read our "How to Choose the Right TV" blog.

Build Towering Sound

Its worth remembering that great audio is equally as important as the video you just cant feel truly immersed in all the action without all the sounds of the game. The easiest way to dramatically upgrade your audio is by stepping up to a new pair of tower speakers, and heres an option thats just the ticket: the RP-8000F. With dual 8-inch spun copper cerametallic woofers and a 1-inch titanium tweeter with hybrid Tractrix horn, these Klipsch floorstanding speakers deliver accurate, room-filling sound for stereo and home theater setups.

Add Some Oomph

Klipsch SPL 120Powerful deep bass makes a huge difference in your audio system, as it provides the visceral punch that most regular speakers just cant create. Your front main speakers will actually sound better, too, when theyre freed from the responsibility for the lowest frequencies. Heres a recommended model from a legendary manufacturer: The Klipsch SPL-120 subwoofer is part of the SPL series, a step up from the Klipsch Reference series. Featuring a high-efficiency Class-D amplifier and 12-inch spun copper Cerametallic woofer, it delivers best-in-class low frequency output at an affordable price.

Get Centered

When it comes to your video programming, the center channel is the most important speaker, as its responsible for almost all the dialog (including announcers voices) and a good portion of the special effects. A perfect match for the Klipsch floorstanders shown above is the RP-600C, which has the same 1-inch titanium tweeter with hybrid Tractrix horn, plus two 6.5-inch spun copper cerametallic woofers, so youll enjoy a seamless soundfield for the all-important front channels. And for our many customers with Bowers & Wilkins systems, we have a wide range of options when you want to upgrade this critical channel.

Raise the Bar

Denon SoundbarManufacturers generally dont put a lot of emphasis on a TVs internal speakers, so youll always want an outboard audio solution. If you dont have the room or budget for a full surround sound system, the Denon DHT-S516H sound bar is a cool alternative. With an included wireless subwoofer for authoritative deep bass, it creates full, detailed sound for all your video programming, along with HEOS Built-in which gives you access to all your streaming music.

Listen From Any Room

Speaking of HEOS, heres how to deliver its wireless streaming capabilities everywhere you want so you never miss any of the action. Denon Home Series wireless speakers have HEOS Built-in, making it possible for every room in your home to have its own sound. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, they all offer elevated audio quality and can be grouped with additional Denon Home speakers, sound bars, network players and/or AV receivers to fill your house with sound.

Make a Power Move

Its not the sheekest component, but a good power conditioner/surge protector can make a dramatic difference in your systems performance. For advanced protection, check out this VII Series Power Strip from Austere. It's PureFiltration technology insulates the power signal from external electro-magnetic and radio frequency interference. And a lot of people dont know this, but traditional surge protectors often only last a year or two so if you cant remember when you last refreshed your homes power, its likely time to do it now. Austere Power products are rated to last more than five times as long as most power products and come with a Component Guarantee.

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