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Denon DNP-2000NE High-Res Audio Player & Preamplifier

Denon DNP-2000NE

Officially, the  Denon DNP-2000NE is classified as a "high-resolution streamer," but it offers much more than that label suggests. Aside from being a capable hub for a variety of digital sources, it can also handle preamplifier duties, allowing you to simplify your system down to a few components. Or, if you have active speakers, then just connect the DNP-2000NE and call it a system. 

Streaming Prowess

At the core of the DNP-2000NE's  streaming capabilities lies the HEOS streaming app. Developed initially for Denon and Marantz, HEOS is a powerful and reliable multi-room streaming platform. Its intuitive interface and multi-room functionality enable seamless music streaming throughout your home.

HEOS provides access to various streaming sources, including local music stored on your devices, network shares, and popular music services like Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, and Deezer. Additionally, internet radio like TuneIn, iHeartRadio, and SoundCloud are at your fingertips. And it gives you the ability to create playlists and check playback history, managing all your music with ease.

Denon DNP-2000NE With Remote

Bit-Perfect Sound

The DNP-2000NE's exceptional audio quality is driven by its DAC implementation. Equipped with ESS Sabre ES9018K2M 32-bit/384kHz-capable DAC chips, the device's "Ultra AL32 processing" is what sets it apart. This advanced processing technology elevates the audio quality by increasing quantization levels, resulting in greater accuracy. 

The overall sound quality is pristine. Whether you're streaming high-resolution audio or enjoying standard CD-quality tracks, this player unveils intricate details in your music. Even when faced with challenging tracks, the DNP-2000NE maintains its composure, delivering rich and full-bodied sound. 

Denon DNP-2000NE Back Panel

A Host of Inputs & Outputs

With an HDMI input for connecting your TV's audio, two optical inputs, one coaxial, and USB-B for direct playback from your computer, the Denon DNP-2000NE offers amble digital input versatility for a variety of music sources. 

For outputs, the DNP-2000NE has two digital outputs, both optical and coaxial, giving you the opportunity to use an external DAC if you so choose. Two analog outputs offer the choice between fixed and variable. With the fixed output,  the Denon DNP-2000NE functions as a streamer only, sending the signal to an external integrated amplifier or preamp. When using the variable output, the DNP-2000’s volume control becomes active, utilizing its preamplifier capability and simplifying your system.  

A Journey of Musical Bliss

The Denon DNP-2000NE offers an opportunity to elevate our music experience to new heights. This high-resolution audio player with HEOS combines functionality, performance, and aesthetics. If you're seeking a high-resolution audio player that can also function as a streaming digital preamplifier, the Denon DNP-2000NE is your ideal choice.