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Kanto ORA Overview

Looking for some new desktop speakers to elevate your audio experience in your home office or studio? Look no further than the Kanto ORA 2-Way Active Wireless Desktop Speakers. These little powerhouses are all about delivering top-tier sound and modern convenience, catering to creators, gamers, musicians, and anyone who appreciates exceptional audio quality.

Kanto ORA Performance - Reference Quality Sound

The Kanto ORA doesn't disappoint with its 100W of DSP-tuned, bi-amplified Class-D power. Surprisingly, those 3" woofers deliver deep, rich bass, defying their compact size. Kanto wanted to create desktop speakers that deliver big sound in a small package, and the Kanto ORA does just that. They're versatile for both studio monitoring and everyday listening.
There are two tracks that I’m very familiar with, one that I produced myself and another that I use as a reference when testing out the accuracy and dynamics of sound. On the track that I produced, the Kanto ORAs absolutely reproduced the sound in a way that I, as the artist, intended. On the reference track, I was also impressed with the ORAs performance. The separation, clarity, and dynamics of these speakers are fantastic. All major wow factors for their size. They kept up with speakers that are, in some cases, triple the price. 

Versatile Inputs

The Kanto ORA speakers are connectivity champs. They offer three input options: USB-C, Bluetooth® 5.0, and RCA. Use USB-C for a direct, high-quality connection to your PC or Mac. Bluetooth 5.0 allows wireless pairing with your phone or other smart devices, giving you that extra convenience. And the RCA input lets you hook up analog gear, making these speakers adaptable to a wide range of devices.

Seamless Sub Integration 

If you crave even more bass, the Kanto ORA seamlessly integrates with a subwoofer. This means you can crank up the volume with minimal distortion, while the subwoofer handles the low-end frequencies.

Compact Size

In the world of limited desk space, the Kanto ORA's compact design is a blessing. They're much smaller than full-size bookshelf speakers, perfect for cozy workspaces. You can tuck them under your monitor or even pack them in your backpack for on-the-go recording sessions.
I love the ORAs with the SE2 speaker stands, which are a great addition at $40. They’re a must if you’re planning to use these as studio monitors.

Compatibility: Retro-Friendly

Compatibility is key, and these speakers have you covered. They won't interfere with other equipment, thanks to their magnetically shielded drivers. So, feel free to place them near CRT or high-end PVM displays.

Mounting Options

And if you're into creative setups, the Kanto ORA offers mounting options. Each speaker has a 1/4”-20 threaded insert at the rear, allowing for wall or ceiling mounting using compatible brackets. This means you can optimize your speaker placement for both sound and aesthetics.

Kanto ORA - Conclusion

The Kanto ORA 2-Way Active Wireless Desktop Speakers are a complete audio solution. Whether you're a music lover, gamer, content creator, or just someone who values top-notch sound, these speakers have something to offer. If you're ready to enhance your audio setup and enjoy the remarkable sound quality of the Kanto ORA, don't hesitate to explore them further. These speakers will take your audio experience to new heights, delivering unparalleled sound clarity and versatility for all your audio needs.