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Sony BRAVIA XR A95K 4K QD-OLED | 65” / 55” 

If TV technology advancements are measured in steps then the Bravia XR A95K is a quantum leap. In fact, it very well may represent the biggest video performance advancement in years. The picture is best described as a “window into reality,” offering the most natural 4KTV color depiction imaginable. It’s so real, you’ll have to be careful not to damage the panel by accidentally reaching into it. 

The Magic is QD-OLED. 

If you're familiar with OLED TVs, you'll know how great the contrast and color look. Up to now, the best way to make an OLED TV big and bright enough to be used in a residential setting was by adding rows of white phosphors to the Red, Green, and Blue sub-pixels of the OLED panel. 

QD OLED removes those white phosphors and reimagines the design with a blue OLED base layer panel. Additionally, red and green transmissive layers are added on top to offer even better color brightness and next-generation reference TV quality—a picture with contrast that mimics real life. 

 Breakthrough Made Better

QD-OLED has taken OLED to the next level, but Sony wasn’t going to stop there. Proprietary Cognitive Processor XR technology, found in all Bravia XR TVs, adds even more realism to the QD-OLED experience. It analyzes hundreds of thousands of elements across an entire screen and determines the main focal point, for example, the main character in a show. It then processes that focal point in relation to its surrounding environment, including sound, and presents it to the viewer with life-like depth and contrast. The reason it seems so real is that this is a lot like how the human brain processes what it sees and hears. 

Hear Reality

Acoustic Surface Audio+ is sound technology developed by Sony that turns the screen into the speaker. This allows the sound to follow the action on the screen and match it perfectly, leading to more realistic sound effects and dialog from the characters. When paired with a surround sound system, Acoustic Surface Audio+ allows the TV to become the ultimate life-like center channel. 

 The Best Picture. The Best Platform.

Paired with Google TV, you’ll have access to over 700,000 movies, series, and live TV. And you can avoid deep dives to find what you’re looking for because the A95K, powered by Google TV, pulls content from all your apps and subscriptions, organizes them, and presents them in one simple, intuitive platform. It’s easy, all you have to say is “Google, find action movies” and you will have a range of options served up in one place. 

If you have questions about the A95k or any Sony TVs chat with us. Or you can visit our product page. For a demonstration contact your local showroom.