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ListenUp Senior Sales Consultant Scott Weverstad has been doing business with Blake Street Tavern owner Chris Fusilier for years, having equipped the popular LoDo sports bar with its audio system and bevy of TVs.

“When Covid hit,” says Scott, “they expanded into some tents in their parking lot. The tents got gradually larger and larger, and now they have this huge circus tent which holds about 200 people. We put in a 10-foot-wide Absen video wall and four Community outdoor PA speakers — one in each corner of the tent. In addition to both DISH Network and DirecTV for video sources, they can access online streaming music services, as well. There’s also a microphone and connections to plug in a laptop for local presentations.”

ListenUp technicians build the 10ft wide big screen

Scott continues, “the Michigan State Boosters Club hosts a party every Saturday the Spartans are in action, and there’s like 200 people in there screaming and cheering. We’ve made it easy for them to do announcements, too. When they’re watching the game and there’s a commercial, they can turn on the microphone and it’ll mute the game while they make the announcement, and then it automatically goes back to TV sound when they turn off the mic.”

The 10ft wide screen is made up of 24 individual LED panels

Blake Street Tavern's TV is 10-ft wide and is made up of 24 individual LED panels. Proprietary software makes it look like one seamless picture.

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