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If creativity has a primary source of fuel, it’s inspiration. And being a highly sought-after, creative design agency, Boulder’s Moxie Sozo wanted to make sure their workspace had plenty of it. “We already had a great space in the works,” said Chief Creative Officer Derek Springston. “Our office is full of quirky, imaginative decor to inspire out-of-the-box thinking. We just needed the right tech to make it more functional.”

Enter ListenUp Commercial Division. When our technicians saw Moxie’s curiously creative workspace, which includes thought-provoking things like mannequin parts hanging from the ceiling and a hand-painted sign collection from around the world, we were inspired, ourselves, and wanted to help them turn it into the ultimate idea factory.

Moxie had five rooms that essentially needed to work as collective spaces for brainstorming and presentations. However, despite being full of inspirational decor, they weren’t really set up to maximize connectivity and ease-of-use from a technology perspective. To quote Jim Bixel, ListenUp’s Commercial Division Manager, “The last thing you want is for poor tech design to get in the way of brilliant creative design.”

A Crestron soundbar works effortlessly for virtual conference calls

With that in mind, Jim and the ListenUp team installed massive Sony video monitors and Crestron soundbars in each room with multiple laptop hookups. Now Moxie’s creative teams can present to clients or collaborate with others working remotely in a seamless fashion. “Being able to plug in with our laptops and move from room to room without worrying whether it’s going to work is a huge game changer,” said Derek. “You remove the barriers and the ideas start to flow.”

The system also includes Hunter Douglas motorized shades in Moxie’s main conference area and exterior windows. “Having the shades gives you the privacy you need for a presentation or for an in-depth brainstorm,” Derek added. “Then, at the push of a button, you can open it all up to create a more collective feel — super important for collaboration.”

In Moxie Sozo's office, creativity overflows

Inspiration can come from a lot of places. Our project with Moxie Sozo confirmed something the Commercial Division at ListenUp already knows — a workspace with the right technology is definitely one of them.

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