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How many times have you been in a restaurant where it was so loud, you couldn’t hear the person next to you?

Through the use of sound dampening panels and other acoustical solutions, ListenUp’s Commercial Division has helped a number of restaurants and bars control the sound pressure levels so that customers and the staff can enjoy the music and hear their conversation. One happy customer is Brian Rossi, who owns Palenque Cocina Y Agaveria on Main Street in Littleton.

“We opened our first restaurant in 2013 on South Broadway,” Brian says. “It was basically a cement box, so the acoustics were crazy. We’d get all kinds of customer complaints that they couldn’t even hear themselves think when they were eating dinner there.”

ListenUp Vice President Phil Murray was a regular at the restaurant and offered to help. “Fortunately, Brian had a black ceiling and we were able to put up some black Auralex foam panels. You could hardly see the panels and the impact was great.” “Almost immediately, the complaints stopped,” Brian says.

acoustic treatments were applied to the ceiling of the restaurant

In 2018 Brian opened Palenque. “It would be rocking on a Friday night and we had the same noise level problem. Our main floor dining room has concrete floors, brick walls, glass garage doors and a beautiful tin ceiling. We were getting complaints left and right. We had to do something, so I called Phil.”

“I took one look at the room and thought this was going to be really tough because there weren’t enough surfaces to put sound dampening panels on," says Phil. "I worked with Senior Commercial Sales Consultant Norm Simmer and our local Prime Acoustics rep, Scott Messler. Scott came up with a great solution where we were able to put up some panels and used some circular sound clouds hung from the tin ceiling.

“Not only did the panels not take away from the aesthetics, but I feel they actually added to them,” Brian says. “And they worked!”

acoustic treatments were applied to the ceiling of the restaurant

During this project, Brian’s sound system, which was inherited from the previous restaurant in that location, died. “Music really creates an ambiance that’s important to a restaurant,” Brian says.

It was going to be a challenge to figure out the existing system’s wiring and get equipment in quickly. “Brian needed a system right away, so we loaned him some HEOS wireless speakers to use while we installed his new system,” Phil says, “so they weren’t without music for long."

“Again, Phil, Norm and the team saved us,” Brian says. “Now our sound is perfect, the managers are super happy and everything is working great. I really can’t thank ListenUp enough.”

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