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The end of summer marks the end of outdoor and blue-tooth speaker season and the beginning of indoor HiFi and Home Theater season. But is your system ready for the cozy listening sessions or marathon movie runs that come with the cooler months ahead? 

ListenUp can help you get set up with the ultimate opportunity to upgrade your system. And we can help you do it for less. 

We spent some time crunching the numbers and working with our partners to Upgrade Your Ability To Upgrade! Now you can get a better, louder, cleaner, more surround-soundier system than ever before. 

Here’s how it works:

Trade in your older HiFi equipment or AV receiver and apply your trade credit to something new from our 100+ partner brands. With our network of premium brands, we can often get you more value for your old equipment than you would get selling it on your own. Plus, you’ll save on sales tax, only paying on the value of the new product minus whatever you traded in. I mean, sign me up right! 

Speaking of signing up, here’s what to do:

Visit your local showroom or call your local salesperson and ask about the TradeUp Program. If you decide to participate, they’ll arrange where, when, and how to exchange the new product for the old product, ranging from showroom drop-off to exchange via home delivery. All we ask is PLEASE DON’T COME TO A SHOWROOM WITH OLD EQUIPMENT FOR EXCHANGE. MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FIRST.

More of a shop-at-home type? Go here and fill out the online trade form to get a quote, along with details on how to make the trade. It’s that easy. 

The trade program is available on a range of speakers, amplifiers, AV receivers, projectors and more. And includes some of the industry’s most coveted brands, including McIntosh, Moon, Bowers & Wilkins, Marantz, Sony, and Focal

Get ready for HiFi and Home Theater season. The New ListenUp TradeUp program lets you upgrade for less. 

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