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"In the summer of 1972, after paying a visit to the Klipsch factory, I walked out having just landed the first brand partner for a store that was still nothing more than an idea with a name: ListenUp." - Walt Stinson ListenUp President



RF-7 III Flagship Reference Series

Klipsch's flagship Reference Series Floorstanding speakers featuring the legendary, Klipsch sound. Dual 10" cast basket Cerametallic woofers, a massive titanium compression driver, a Tratrix horn-loaded tweeter and more. These massive towers are for the serious Klipsch home theater fans.

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A New Era of Uncanny Sound

Founder Paul W. Klipsch almost single-handedly pioneered the Hi-fi era thanks to his ingenious invention - the Klipschorn. Since filing that patent in the 1940s, Klipsch has continually proven to be a top innovator in the audio space, pioneering the first commercially available center-channel speaker, the 500-pound MCM speaker, and the first digital audio presentation of a soundtrack.

Klipsch Heritage speakers are crafted by hand in America’s heartland - Hope, Arkansas. Paul W. Klipsch has been immortalized in the Engineering and Science Hall of Fame alongside Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers.

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