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Klipsch RP-504C II Review

Klipsch RP 504C II

As a dedicated music and movie enthusiast, I have a high benchmark for audio quality. One that sometimes is in conflict with my budget—the predicament of not ever wanting to compromise on great sound. That’s what makes the RP-504C Center Channel from Klipsch such an intriguing option. At $699, it  may be the only speaker at this price point that sounds like you are not compromising—exceptional sound clarity and dialogue reproduction that lands in a performance category levels above. Let’s take a look at some of the things that make this center channel such an overachiever. 

Silicon Composite Hybrid Tractrix Horn: Where Precision Meets Sound

In the world of music and movies, precision in sound delivery is everything. Being able to hear every detail and note makes the experience come to life. And the Silicon Composite Hybrid Tractrix Horn in the RP-504C II is a specialist when it comes to intricacies in sound. The technology behind this horn enhances efficiency and directs high frequencies exactly where they need to go. With the proprietary Tractrix geometry, the high-frequency transfer is optimized, resulting in a sound that's highly detailed, yet smooth and natural. In other words, there’s a lot to listen to, but the presentation is cohesive and never overwhelming. 

LTS Titanium Diaphragm Tweeter & Vented Design: Unparalleled Clarity

Klipsch is known for ultra low distortion designs and the RP-504C builds on that tradition with new advancements. The exclusive Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) Titanium Diaphragm Tweeter in this speaker is low distortion at its best. The dialogue in movies is clear and transparent and sound effects are engaging and powerful. 

Furthermore, the Vented Tweeter Design in the RP-504 builds on the LTS technology, ensuring you can turn up the volume without adding harshness to the sound. When you start turning things up, a lot of speakers will show their weaknesses—volume is the true litmus test. And the RP-504C II handled high decibels with surprising composure. Take it up to near jet engine levels and the RP-504 doesn’t flinch. 

Redesigned Cerametallic Woofers: Powerful and Precise Bass

Another one of Klipsch’s calling cards is bass response.Their ability to do low end is right up there with their flair for high-frequency transparency, much attributed to the Cerametallic Woofer design present throughout the Reference Premiere series. Cerametallic Woofers are rigid yet lightweight, equipped with large voice coils and aluminum shorting rings, ensuring incredible power handling and precision. It’s what gives the RP-504 astounding performance when it comes to low frequencies.

Tractrix Ports: Thumping Low Frequencies

Speaking of low frequencies. What about those of the ultra deep, floor shaking variety? Well, the RP-504 get’s high marks here, too. The Tractrix geometry and custom inner flares in the RP-504 ports are designed to minimize air turbulence, resulting in low bass that will give you the rumbling effect without sounding too bloated or boomy—it’s rumble that is well refined. 

Enhanced Input Panel: Easy Connectivity 

“I want to spend hours setting up my system,” said no one. Thankfully Klipsch considered connectivity when designing the terminals on the back of the RP-504C II. This speaker is designed to work seamlessly with audiophile-grade wires and features accessible aluminum binding posts that can accommodate various connection types. I found the connections to be extremely intuitive and simple, even for those who are tech challenged. 

Premium Materials and Finishes: Elegant Aesthetics

Given speakers are often the centerpiece of a system, aesthetics are important. No matter how good the sound, poor visual appeal is a deal breaker. Of course looks are subjective, but it’s safe to say the RP-504C II is an attractive looking speaker. Available in both ebony and walnut finishes, the design is eye-catching without being excessive so it will complement the design theme of most rooms. And being made of vinyl, the finish is scratch-resistant, guarding against wear-and-tear and preserving the look for decades. Furthermore, the grilles are well-built and go on or off easily, so you can go from a more subtle aesthetic by leaving them on or make a statement by taking them off to reveal the Cerametallic Woofers. 

Cork Pads: Stability and Acoustic Performance

When you have a stable speaker, you get better acoustic performance. The RP-504C II's cork pads provide excellent stability. These pads resist vibration and create a damp, solid foundation that is superior to traditional rubber bumpers. The speaker is secured to its surface with a buffer that acts as a firewall for acoustic resonance. 

Complete Your Music and Movie Setup

If you're looking to create a complete Klipsch Reference Premiere music and movie system, pair the RP-504C II with the RP-600M II Bookshelf Speakers, the RP-502S II Surround Speakers, the RP-8000F II Floor-standing Speakers, and the RP-1200SW 12" Subwoofer. This combination will provide an incredible surround sound experience that will engulf you in Klipsch sound—detailed, powerful, and beyond immersive.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Response: 50-25kHz +/- 3dB

Sensitivity: 96dB @ 2.83V / 1m

Power Handling (Continuous/Peak): 150W/600W

Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms Compatible

Crossover Frequency: 650Hz/1950Hz

High Frequency Driver: 1" Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter with Hybrid Cross-Section Expanded Tractrix® Horn

Low Frequency Driver: Quad 5.25" Cerametallic Cone Woofers with Faraday Rings

Enclosure Material: MDF (Internally Braced)

Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex via Rear-Firing Tractrix® Port

Inputs: Single Aluminum Binding Posts

Dimensions (Inches/MM): 6.87" (17.4 cm) x 32.06" (81.4 cm) x 15.08" (38.3 cm)

Product Weight: 36.3 lb (16.45 kg)

Finishes: Ebony, Walnut

Accessories: Angle Screw