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Begs To Be Turned Up! Acoustic Energy AE309 Speaker Review

July 25, 2023


Acoustic Energy was founded in London, England in 1987. They offer a range of loudspeaker options from the very accessible 100 series to the mid-range 300 series and up to the flagship 500 series. And, even an active, powered speaker, the AE1.

They have made their mark by bringing the dynamics, transparency, and tonal accuracy normally associated with larger, more expensive loudspeakers to a sleeker, more compact, and livable design, meaning they are going to be much more suitable in terms of footprint and aesthetics to the average living room or listening room. So you’re getting a much more sensibly sized and priced speaker that performs like designs that are typically much bigger and more expensive. 

The AE309s are a 2.5 way design, have a frequency range of 38hz to 30khz, and sensitivity at 89db. They use two 5 inch mid-bass drive units with a new ceramic aluminum sandwich cone and a long throw motor system, allowing for improved dispersion and extended bass slam. Coupled with the slot shaped duct port on the rear of the cabinet and the high density MDF cabinet you are getting a powerful, full and accurate delivery of mid and low frequency that is really surprising for such a slim, compact design. And we have to emphasize bass slam because they really deliver on bass—very accurate, punchy and exciting like you are listening to a much larger loudspeaker. 

When it comes to high-frequency, the 309 uses a 1 inch aluminum tweeter that offers high power handling and low fundamental resonance to reduce distortion—very rolled off and natural, not overly clinical. However, the most surprising thing is dispersion characteristics. The acoustic output of the tweeter perfectly matches the woofer and provides an incredibly balanced and full range of frequencies—powerful and complete from top to bottom.

Overall, this speaker offers impressive powerful and punchy bass, reminiscent of speakers with much larger drivers. And solid midrange and high frequencies. They are very easy to listen to—not very demanding of the listener. They just beg you to turn it up no matter the genre. And aside from the slim, functional form factor, that’s what makes these loudspeakers special. Put simply, they are a blast to listen to. 

The AE309s are available in three finishes—walnut, and the classics, gloss black and gloss white. Additionally, in the 300 lineup there are larger floor-standing models, bookshelves, subs, and center channels.