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Moon’s Amazing North Collection: Preamplifiers, Amplifiers, & Streaming DACs

May 08, 2024

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Join ListenUp’s Scotty G as he sits down with Costa Koulisakis from Sim Audio, makers of the Moon Line of high-performance audio components, as they rundown Moon’s North Collection. The North Collection represents the pinnacle of Moon’s audio component offerings. From brilliant LCD displays to the latest in Moon’s unprecedented distortion canceling systems, all six components in the North Collection feature Moon’s most advanced technology to date. And represent an evolution from a focus on separates to a more all-in-one approach with components that are packed features but still offer the pristine sound Moon is known for.

641 Integrated Amplifier

The Moon 641 is a thrilling entry point to the North Collection. Featuring a lavish 4.3-inch LCD color graphic display for album art and comprehensive controls, the 641 Integrated Amplifier is designed to be the cornerstone of your Moon system with premiere amp and preamp capabilities that drive source components to perfection. Its new MDCA (MOON Distortion-Canceling Amplifier) design features an independent circuit with precise signal correction to significantly lower noise and distortion, delivering 125 watts into two 8-ohm loads and 250 watts into two 4-ohm loads.

681 Network Player / DAC

Speaking of source components, the new 681 Network Player / DAC is as functional and refined as they come. Also featuring a beautiful 4.3-inch color graphic display, the 681 is feature-rich with 6 digital inputs, HDMI ARC, Moon’s MiND2 streaming platform, and MDE-1 DAC technology—the foundation of the 681’s digital front end, capable of rendering digital signals into rich, lush analog perfection. Stream TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer, and more. And it’s compatible with, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect,
and TIDAL Connect. In addition, the 681 is Roon Ready and decodes all two-channel digital music formats—including MQA and DSD.

761 Power Amplifier

The MOON 761 has one job to perform—powering speakers to their fullest potential. And it performs it with authority. Its power supply houses two custom low-noise 700 VA transformers with 152000 uF of capacitance and superior- quality semiconductors, guaranteeing consistent performance. This dual-mono amplifier generates 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms in stereo, doubles into 4 ohms, and features a switch to bridge the amps and drive 600 W into an 8-ohm load as a monoblock. The MDCA (MOON Distortion- Canceling Amplifier) builds on the design philosophy to eschew global feedback with a new circuit that reduces distortion and noise to previously unattainable levels.

791 Network Player / Preamplifier

The MOON 791 is much more than a preamp. It includes a high-end MM/MC phono stage, streaming DAC, and a well appointed 4.3-inch color display. In addition to seven digital inputs (including HDMI ARC), three analog inputs, and two outputs (independently configured for variable or fixed volume), the 791 can host a USB drive, and features the Roon-ready MiND2 network player, supporting Bluetooth and AirPlay 2. Rendering digital audio is the MDE2—a re-clocking FPGA and flagship DAC supporting resolutions up to 32/384 and DSD256.

861 Power Amplifier

The MOON 861 is a power amplifier with the pedigree of the distinguished MOON 888 and the holistic, feature-packed design philosophy of the North Collection. The genius new MDCA (MOON Distortion-Canceling Amplifier) circuit resolves audio with the purest detail and pace. Its power supply boasts two 1,500 VA low-noise MOON transformers and 228,000uF capacitance with unwaveringly stable thermal equilibrium. At the flip of a switch, the dual mono design outputs 300 watts per channel into 8-ohm stereo loads, doubling into 4 ohms, or 800 watts into 8 ohms as a bridged monoblock amplifier.

891 Network Player / Preamplifier

The MOON 891 is the keystone of the North Collection with capability well-beyond a standard preamp. It comprises a streaming DAC, moving-magnet and moving-coil phono stage, plus, a 5-inch graphic color screen, displaying volume and input selection, along with album art and track information. Local libraries and internet streaming services integrate seamlessly in the MiND2 Controller app, with additional support for AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Tidal Connect in a Roon ready solution. Its MDE3 digital engine exploits a dual-mono pair of top-of-the-line 32-bit converters with femto-second clocking to expose the full potential of all two-channel digital audio formats—PCM, MQA, and DSD through a myriad of digital inputs.

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