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Learn About the Record Pressing Process With Vinyl Me Please

May 06, 2024

Vinyl records have staged a remarkable comeback in the digital age, offering a tangible and nostalgic experience for music enthusiasts worldwide. Central to this revival is the intricate process of record pressing, where technology, craftsmanship, and passion converge to create timeless musical artifacts. Let's delve into the fascinating journey of how records are pressed with Gary Salstrom from Denver’s own Vinyl Me Please—a record pressing facility that is taking the process to new heights.

Mastering the Music

The journey begins with the mastering process, where digital audio files are meticulously prepared for vinyl production. Skilled fine-tune the sound, ensuring optimal balance, dynamics, and fidelity. This stage, known as Audio Mastering for Vinyl is crucial in shaping the final sonic experience.

Creating the Stamper

Once the audio is perfected, it's time to create the master disc, typically made of lacquer-coated aluminum. Using a lathe equipped with a cutting stylus, the audio is meticulously etched onto the lacquer, creating a negative impression of the grooves. This master disc serves as the blueprint for creating the stamper, the metal plate used in the pressing process.

Pressing the Records

With the stamper ready, the vinyl pressing process commences. Vinyl pellets, typically made from PVC, are heated and molded into a puck-shaped form known as a biscuit. This biscuit is placed between the stamper plates in the record pressing machine, where heat and pressure are applied. The stamper imprints the grooves onto the vinyl, shaping the raw material into a playable record.

Vinyl Quality Control

As the freshly pressed records emerge, they undergo rigorous record inspection measures to ensure perfection. Trained inspectors scrutinize each disc for any defects, such as warping, surface imperfections, or audio anomalies.

Now the record is ready for packaging and shipping.

Vinyl Me Please pressings can be found at ListenUp Showrooms and on the Vinyl Me Please site.

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