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How to Upgrade Your Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO and Pro-Ject X8 Turntable

May 17, 2024


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If you are a Hi-Fi fanatic, you are always looking to upgrade your system—making improvements here and there in pursuit of the perfect sound. Typically, that involves adding a completely new component to your set up—a new amp, a new DAC, or a new set of speakers. All of which require significant investment. But not with turntables. There are multiple upgrades available without completely replacing the table you already have. You can opt for a new tone arm, plater, power supply, or cartridge. The list goes on, allowing you to start with a basic, inexpensive table and slowly transform it into a high performance Hi-Fi hot rod.

Not only is it more economical when compared to other component categories, but there’s a greater element of customization—you can build a turntable exactly to your liking, almost as if you are the product designer. Try that with a music streamer.

Most turntable designs offer the opportunity to upgrade by replacing certain parts, however, Pro-Ject is a standout in this area. Take the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO for example. This is a solid performing turntable right out of the box, retailing for $599. But what makes this table such an intriguing option, is its potential. Virtually everything on it can be upgraded. From the cartridge to the feet with relatively minimal investment the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO can become your reference, end-game turntable.

Same goes for other turntables in the Pro-Ject line up. From the entry level E1 to pinnacle tables like the RPM and Signature, there are upgrade opportunities all along the way. Again, that’s what makes the turnable portion of the Hi-Fi journey so enjoyable. You can upgrade at a more feasible and comfortable pace, and, maybe even more important, you can do it your own way. All Hi-Fi components are fun and exciting, but for this reason turntables are in a league of their own.