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KEF Powered Speakers Line Up

May 15, 2024


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Wireless speakers, also known as Active or Powered Speakers, offer a ton of advantages over traditional passive speakers for the listener. Such is the case with KEF’s lineup of Wireless Speakers. Each speaker, including LS60 Wireless towers, plus, LS50 and LSX2 Wireless II bookshelves, are packed with performance and convenience features that make them a must when considering how to build your Hi-Fi system.

Built-In Amplifiers

The number one advantage is a built-in amplifier. Not only does this eliminate the need to purchase an external amplifier, making the process simpler and less costly, but it creates perfect synergy between the amplifier and drivers, offering the best possible sound. Finding an amplifier that properly pairs with speakers can be a long and involved process. With wireless/powered speakers like the KEFs, this is already done for you. Essentially, your system is ready to go—fully optimized for great sound.

And you won’t need to worry about housing an amplifier in a media cabinet or elsewhere, taking up less space and eliminating costly, and oftentimes, complex power cables and interconnects.

Built-In Source Components

In addition to a built-in amplifier, KEF’s lineup of wireless speakers offer exceptional source capability. Each model can be connected to Wi-Fi, providing access to streaming connection platforms, including Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast and Roon. The KEF Connect app then offers control utilizing a phone or tablet with support for Spotify via Spotify Connect, Tidal via Tidal Connect, Qobuz, Deezer, Amazon Music and more. Like the internal amplifier, built-in streaming capability cuts down external components, simplifying the systems even more. Plus, the internal streamer is properly tuned to the amplifier for the best possible performance.

Additionally, you can connect to the speakers with Bluetooth 5.0 and cast audio directly from any capable external device.

Plenty of Additional Inputs

While digital streaming is covered by KEFs built-in streamer, you can only fit so much into a speakers’ form factor. Therefore, if you do want to run additional sources like a turntable or CD player, KEF has included analog RCA inputs, a complete suite of digital inputs, and a uPnP connection for an external harddrive to allow for a complete ecosystem of sources. What about connecting a TV? No problem because each speaker in the lineup includes an HDMI eARC connection for a Home Theater or concert video experience.

All in all, KEF Wireless Speaker systems maximize performance and minimize hazzle—perfect for the Hi-Fi enthusiasts who values a low-maintenance set up without compromising on performance. Here’s a quick rundown of the KEF Wireless HiFi Speaker lineup driver and amplifier configurations:

KEF LS60 Wireless

Uni-Q high frequency and midrange driver combo, powered by a 100w class AB amp for the tweeter and a 100w class D amp for the midrange (per speaker).
4 bass drivers, powered by a 500w class D amplifier (per speaker).

KEF LS50 Wireless II

Uni-Q high frequency and midrange driver combo, powered by a 100w class AB amp for the tweeter and a 280w class D amp for the midrange and bass (per speaker).


Uni-Q high frequency and midrange driver combo, powered by a 30w class D amp for the tweeter and a 70w class D amp for the midrange and bass (per speaker).

To learn more about KEF Wireless HiFi speakers, chat with a ListenUp Hi-Fi specialist.