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Unlocking Perfect Bass: JL Audio's Approach to Multiple Subwoofers

May 02, 2024


We sat down with Doug Henderson from JL Audio to discover what makes stereo bass so awesome and how to build the best stereo bass set up in your home theater or listening room. The industry trend towards stereo or multiple subwoofers can transform your listening experience, whether you're a music enthusiast or a home theater aficionado.

JL Audio's innovative approach to stereo sub placement and room acoustics is designed to overcome challenges and deliver unparalleled sound quality. In this video you’ll learn why multiple subwoofers are essential for achieving balanced bass response across all seating positions, even in rooms with complex acoustics.


The room set up and acoustics play a crucial role in how your subwoofer performs. In a room where bass frequencies interact dynamically, having only one subwoofer limits placement options and may result in unavoidable cancellations or uneven bass distribution. By strategically placing multiple subwoofers, you can mitigate cancellations and achieve a more balanced bass response across all seating positions.

But how do you pinpoint these peaks and valleys in your room's bass response? JL Audio has an innovative solution: Tün Audio Measurement & DSP Adjustment Software. This user-friendly application revolutionizes the process of optimizing subwoofer placement by providing a scientific approach to identifying optimal positions.

Utilizing a simple USB measurement microphone, users can visualize bass loading and dissipating in real-time as they move the microphone around the room, allowing for precise placement that ensures consistent bass performance throughout the listening area.


After measuring the bass throughout the room, the optimal spot for your subwoofer may not be the most convenient. Never fear, JL Audio has a solution for that too.

The JLink wireless transmitter is a game-changer for flexible subwoofer placement. This low-latency transmitter allows users to position subwoofers in unconventional locations without sacrificing audio quality, opening up endless possibilities for optimizing bass performance in any room layout.

Whether you're navigating space constraints or budget limitations, JL Audio offers practical advice for achieving the best possible bass experience.

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