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Bluesound Celebrates 10 Yrs. With New Node X Anniversary Edition

May 11, 2023

Over the last ten years, the Bluesound Node  has achieved cult status as the go-to high-res, multi-room music streamer—a cause for celebration! But instead of cake, we get an all-new and, yes, improved Node in the 10th Anniversary Special Edition Node X. We’ll take it! And we’ll have a double helping, please. 

The Node X will only be available for a limited time—until supplies run out. And given the upgrades and roughly $150 price increase, that won’t be long. The first notable difference is a new silver chassis, giving the Node X a bolder, more confident look than the standard Node—available in understated black or white. Next is an upgraded DAC. This new Node features an ESS 9028Q2M Sabre DAC, promising more detail and refinement than its predecessors. Lastly, a next-level personal listening headphone experience with a new THX Achromatic Headphone Amp and a full-sized 1/4 inch headphone jack. Oh, and one more thing. This Node comes with the Bluesound RC1 remote—an accessory sold separately in the standard model.

If you thought the Node was already perfect (and many do) think again. The Node X 10th Anniversary Edition is the Node to behold.