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Explore CEDIA 2023 | Smart Home Automation

September 18, 2023

CEDIA is the Premier event for the latest in Smart Home Automation. Join ListenUp as CEDIA comes to our backyard in Denver, CO. We’ll explore a range of new technology designed to transform your home into a hub of convenience. Lighting control, whole-home audio, shades, and more, it’s a complete tour of awe-inspiring technology. 

Sonance—Whole Home Audio That Disappears

Sonance believes that technology should disappear. They achieve that goal with whole-home audio solutions that can fill a home with sound and not cables and speaker boxes. In-ceiling and in-wall architecture speakers fit seamlessly throughout the home so you won’t even know they are there until you turn them up. ListenUp caught up Sonance at CEDIA to check out some of their latest designs. 

DMF Lighting Systems

DMF designs and builds LED downlighting systems that will take smart home projects to new heights. They are constantly refining and pushing the boundaries to develop products that seamlessly integrate with homes and control systems, so that the whole-home lighting for every mood and occasion becomes as simple as pushing a button—lighting for the future. 

Audio Control—Powering Smart Home Audio & Video

Audio Control are makers of high-performance components for distributed audio and video. The systems they build provide the power to whole home speaker and video networks used in smart home automation. They can be custom designed to work with control systems to immerse a home in beautiful sound for music or movies with the capability of being housed in out-of-the-way racks so that the design of the home can remain clean and simple—nothing but stunning sound. 

Products include AV Processors, AV Receivers, Power Amplifiers, Multi-Zone Amplifiers, Network Amplifiers, and more. They offer a complete lineup of technology to turn great rooms into concert halls and living rooms into movie theaters. And it’s all integrated seamlessly into a smart home control system so it almost controls itself.

Hunter Douglas | Automated Shades w/ Illumination Built-In

Hunter Douglas makes premium window coverings that transform natural light and elevate home interiors with a range of products that help you craft the perfect mood and save energy. They offer a broad range of selections, including automated shades and blinds, merging with a home’s lighting and control systems for effortless operation.

Aura Illuminated Shades feature linear lights that are built-in and designed to simulate daylight on cloudy days, at night, or in rooms where there are no actual windows. You can get the effect of full sunshine or low light whenever you like.

Control4 | Next-Level Smart Home Control Systems

There’s smart homes and then there’s exceptionally smart homes. That’s the technology that Control4 has been designing for years. They offer complete systems that can connect all the technology in your home—audio, video, security, lighting and shades—so you can perform any function from anywhere at the touch of a button. Or program it to work effortlessly—the ultimate “set it and forget it.”

 Lutron | The Feeling of Light Demo

Light is more than what we see—it’s a feeling. It defines our mood and gives structure to our day. In this short demonstration, see how Lutron uses seamless integration of automated shades and electrical lighting to hardness light during different times of the day to help us feel relaxed, motivated, and even inspired. It’s a new way to think about light and its role in architecture and design—a role as important as the structure of the space itself.